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Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 7

Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 7

Each day until Election Day we will feature a previously unpublished photo sent in by a Legal Insurrection reader on National Empty Chair Day, September 3, 2012.

The countdown continues with 7 days to go.

With only a week to go, I thought I would ask LI readers about their GOTV efforts for November 6th.  It’s not just campaigns who go door-to-door, who stand out for their candidates with signs, and who actively help get voters to polls by driving those people (we know–be safe!)  in our communities who need rides.

Today’s Empty Chair photo was submitted by LI reader Tim who writes, “Will I run on my record? Well……SQUIRREL.”

What? My economic and jobs failures? . . . “Romnesia”!

What? My attacks on religious freedoms? . . . Binders!

What? Benghazi?   . . . Look over there, quick, it’s Big Bird!

(Note: DO NOT SEND additional photos, we are using only photos originally submitted on National Empty Chair Day.)


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legacyrepublican | October 30, 2012 at 9:06 pm

So what you are saying is that lawyer Barack Obama should go by the title Barack Obama, Esquirel? Works for me.

9thDistrictNeighbor | October 30, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Seven days???!!! OMG! Obama Must Go!

Dear Obama, or as we like to call him, Abu Squirrel, getting a little testy these days? What’s the matter you? Relax, retirement will feel so good over there in your modest palace on the Big Island, surrounded by its moat and privacy fence! 😉

A little irony about that Michael Moore hate ad featuring those potty-mouthed 90 year old senior citizens: within one year —- for want of medical attention rationed to them by the law —- they will all likely be dead.

And as long as it’s a quite day around here, I think it’s important to take note as to just what GOP Speaker John Boehner has done to contribute to the election of Mitt Romney:


Something to remember when the GOP Congress reconvenes in 2013.