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Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 28

Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 28

Each day until Election Day we will feature a previously unpublished photo sent in by a Legal Insurrection reader on National Empty Chair Day, September 3, 2012.

The countdown continues with 28 days to go.

Today’s symbolic Empty Chair photo comes to us from Rachel in New York who writes, “Broken, Spineless, No BACKBONE at all!.”

Can’t argue with that.

(Note: DO NOT SEND additional photos, we are using only photos originally submitted on National Empty Chair Day.)


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Not only is the chair empty it is falling apart just like our country is falling apart under President Obama.

That chair looks to be analogous as to what’s happened to this country at the hands of the Obamamatrons for the last four years … or, as my Texican friends would have it — been rode hard and put up wet.

The tape is a nice touch!

BannedbytheGuardian | October 9, 2012 at 11:58 pm

This is a great thread for someone like me who has a thing for chairs & windows.

This one should be restored – it is quite beautiful.


It was “kinda unexpected”
To pay $5 bucks at the pump,
And you could not give me 50,
To excuse this latest “jump”
But, of course, the price of “energy”
To Obama does not matter,
So we know there’s no inflation,
Nor any limit he won’t shatter.

It was “kinda unexpected”
To see our countrymen defiled
In that “friendly place” called Libya
While the natives burned AND smiled.
But then, “The Won” said clearly,
That Islam was THE FUTURE TO BE
So we can only blame ourselves,
For the horrors at Benghazi.

It was “kinda unexpected”
To see BO wilt before our eyes,
Before the “verbal swords” were crossed,
But, of course, it took just minutes,
For the “Presstitutes” to find,
That Romney was falsely favored
By a rather brilliant mind.

We refuse more “unexpecteds”
We reject “more of the same”.
And we sure as h#ll aren’t willing
To yield our freedoms in “his” name.
So, the White House “Current Occupants”
Had better start to pack.
‘Cause we’re voting in “New Management”

* My local Chevron and 91 Octane;
[And you can stuff your “excuses” in your teleprompter.]

THE TIPPING POINT AND THE POINT OF NO RETURN WERE PASSED WEEKS AGO–WE JUST HAVE TO ADD UP THE VOTES (And yes, even the illegal ones won’t be enough to prevent “new expectations” with Romney & Ryan.

That chair has been very bad ! It needs a good caneing.

I have a “porcelain” monument (you COULD call it a chair) to the O’Bama Presidency. It has a “reset” lever, that visually demonstrates how the regime is handling YOUR future…….

At one time, this chair was quite remarkable in its beauty (USA before the current administration); one day, it will be restored to a thing of beauty (USA under a new administration).

Great photo!