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Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 24

Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 24

Each day until Election Day we will feature a previously unpublished photo sent in by a Legal Insurrection reader on National Empty Chair Day, September 3, 2012.

The countdown continues with 24 days to go.

There are some truly creative and fabulous Empty Chair photos that I’d like to share with LI readers.  Because there are so many great submissions and so few days until Election Day,  the occasional multi-photo post is in order (and even then we may not get to them all).

I hope you enjoy these, they made me think.  And sometimes laugh.  Out loud.

The first entry was submitted by Olaf from Minnesota, who writes, “Hope to change the course of our country lest it becomes extinct.”

Hopefully, in 24 days, we will change the course of our country.

This next from John in Texas is priceless.

Not exactly Air Force One.

Next up is Lostman’s contribution from Florida.

I don’t think he buys that the Empty Chair prez has been focused like a laser on jobs since Day 1.

Bill from Texas sent in the following photo.

That’s a basketball hoop in the background.

Lloyd and JoAnne from North Carolina submitted an innovative photo.

The sign reads: “9-3-12 National Empty Commode Chair Day.”

From Doug in Wisconsin comes this gem.

The sign reads: “Nope. Gotta Let Him Go Nov 6.”  Hear, hear!

(Note: DO NOT SEND additional photos, we are using only photos originally submitted on National Empty Chair Day.)


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Wow. The level of competition has gone up a notch or two.

Classic pop-art statements, each and every one! Take that Oh-No! Yoko!

Note: (I can say that cuz my wife is Japanese and she can’t stand Yoko, and also because family lore has it that I’m 1/32 Liverpudlian … and you know how we Scousers feel about the b*tch that broke up our Beatles! Don’t try this at home. I’m a professional Yoko basher.)

Gotta love the creative output of the American people when they feel the need for an outlet when they’re being jerked around.

It’s a beautiful thing … in centuries past there would likely have been bloodshed and suffering … now we can use humor to endure the pain … until we are victorious (read this in General Patton’s voice) on November 6th!! Completely victorious!

Now I shall quickly push the submit button before Ragespierre beats me to being the first commenter.

I’m absolutely crushed that my “Keystone Pipeline” empty chair photo hasn’t been featured. Saving the best for last, no doubt…

Compelling questions of our time…

Who is Fuzzy Slippers, and has anyone ever seen Fuzzy in the same room as Allahpundit or Ace?

And are Fuzzy Slippers feet warm, or is it all a facade?

    LukeHandCool in reply to turfmann. | October 13, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I dunno the answer to those questions, turfmann.

    But judging by Fuzzy Slippers’ portrait, she is a fine-looking lady … which is so typical of conservative women, isn’t it?

    Off topic but, I’d like to start a conservative practical-joke business. Anybody know any good-natured Sandra Fluke lookalikes looking for work?

    If I were a twenty- or thirty-something-year-old conservative wanting to play a practical joke on his mom, I know I’d pay a pretty penny to hire a Sandra Fluke double to take home to Mom and say, “Mom, I want you to meet the girl I’m going to marry and spend the rest of my life with. This is your new daughter-in-law, Sandra. Mom, Sandra is studying women’s reproductive rights law at Georgetown Law School. Isn’t that great, Mom? …. Mom?”

These photos are hilarious. Thank you Legalinsurrection and Fuzzy Slippers! Now I know why my Empty Chair photo (which was funny) took “second chair.”

Hey, the second one is shovel-ready!