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Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 17

Election Day Empty Chair Countdown – Day 17

Each day until Election Day we will feature a previously unpublished photo sent in by a Legal Insurrection reader on National Empty Chair Day, September 3, 2012.

The countdown continues with 17 days to go.

It’s Saturday, time for another multi-photo roundup as I try to get as many LI reader submissions posted as possible before election day.  This week, I thought it would be fun to look at our readers’ “Empty (Kiddie) Chair” submissions.  It seems fitting given the ridiculously immature turn the Empty Chair Prez’s campaign has taken of late.

Our first offering comes to us from Heather in Illinois who writes, “Next to the woodshed, in the corner, where the recalcitrant child is punished!”

Love it!

Our next great photo comes from Don in New Mexico.


The golf club is a nice touch.

Next up is a “frog chair” from Laura in Arkansas (this isn’t technically a kiddie chair, but I thought it appropriate nonetheless).

Is it bad that every time I look at this photo I think of that image of the Empty Chair president with a fly on his lip?

Our next photo comes to us from LI reader “R.”

Somehow this seems a far more appropriate desk for President Petulant than the one in the Oval Office.

And last but not least we have a photo submitted by Don in Texas.

Yes, this Empty Chair president is “despicable!”

(Note: DO NOT SEND additional photos, we are using only photos originally submitted on National Empty Chair Day.)


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What can you say, but “Standing Ovation!”

We actually own that green frog chair.