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I treat Technorati’s rating of “authority” in the blogsphere the way I treat polls.  When the rating is good for me, it’s science.  When the rating is bad for me, it’s witchcraft.

Today it is good.

For the first time ever, Legal Insurrection has broken into the top 10 in both Politics:

and U.S. Politics:

and the top 50 Overall:

Thinking that LI has the reach and influence of these bigger blogs is, of course, ridiculous.  We are crushed by comparison in terms of traffic.

But however Technorati is measuring things today, it’s science!

But don’t blink, because by tomorrow it will be back to witchcraft.

(Doug Ross also just published his list of the 150 most popular “conservative” websites — not limited to blogs and including some major “moderate” newspapers — based on traffic, and LI came in at No. 58.)