In yet another solid interview, Dan Bongino outlines his vision for Washinton, D.C.

The clip is less than 5 minutes, and I recommend watching it in its entirety, but I thought his response to the question of Obamacare was particularly good.

Q. Is the Healthcare Reform Act the answer?

A. It’s only the answer if you believe you should go to the DMV for your healthcare… Does healthcare need to be reformed? Absolutely. Do we have real proposals? Absolutely. But they focus on patient-centered solutions. Your choice. Your options. Not a board of bureaucrats.

I also thought that Bongino’s closing remark about the political impasse Congress now faces was the most powerful.

Well 12 years in the Secret Service, I saw it at the highest levels. Your government folks, its bought and sold. It was bought and sold a long time ago. Again, if you want a legitimate outsider, and thats how our campaign has flourished, to go in there and shake this nest up, we owe nothing to anyone but the voters, then I’m your guy. If you want talk, vote for someone else.

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