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Could Claire McCaskill lose to Todd Akin? You betcha

Could Claire McCaskill lose to Todd Akin? You betcha

Claire McCaskill is so unpopular that she’s barely running ahead of Todd Akin despite his self-inflicted wounds and the defection of almost all of the Republican establishment from supporting him.

McCaskill has had to spend heavily just to stay slightly ahead:

Senator Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Democrat fighting to keep her seat, spent nearly $7 million over a three-month period through the end of September and her campaign had more than $2.1 million in the bank for her race against Representative Todd Akin, according to quarterly disclosure reports her campaign released on Monday.

Could McCaskill lose?  Two days ago the answer would have been, “possibly.”

After the latest revelation at The Daily Caller, the answer is “you betcha.”

Whistle-blower audio: Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband cut business deals in  Senate Dining Room

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband used the U.S. Senate Dining Room to  cut business deals selling tax credits tied to stimulus money, a whistle-blowing  executive inside his company alleged on an audio recording exclusively obtained  by The Daily Caller.

“The thing that irritated me about this was he [McCaskill’s husband Joseph  Shepard] entertained these outside investors in the Senate Dining Room,” the  whistle-blower said. “That’s where he closed the deal.”

The whistle-blower, Craig Woods, was a longtime high-ranking official within  Shepard’s business empire, serving first as chief financial officer and then  as vice president and chief underwriter for Missouri Equity Investors  LLC and JA Shepard Companies.

Listen to how McCaskill attacked Dana Loesch when she raised the issue (h/t Hot Air):

Now I would like to hear all the Democrats who have poured tens of millions of dollars into supporting an ethnic fraud in the Massachusetts Senate race complain about Todd Akin almost alone possibly beating Claire McCaskill despite her heavy spending.


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casualobserver | October 19, 2012 at 10:33 am

From what I’ve read McCaskill has been polling low (approval) for over a year in her state. Even though Akin is a seriously flawed candidate, in my opinion he is a ticking time bomb, he has a chance to win even without a ton of national support. That’s how bad McCaskill’s situation is in MO.

    I’m sorry, but Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape” prove conclusively that Akin is an idiot. And it is simply not good for the Republican Party to have it represented in the Senate by idiots.

    Karl Rove gets this. That’s why he’s not giving any Crossroads GPS money to Akin.

      DemNoMore in reply to Avi. | October 19, 2012 at 4:46 pm

      He is an idiot. And by not either making an adequate apology for his ignorant comment or getting out of the race so someone more qualified could run, he also showed himself to be the most selfish person in the universe (other than Barack Obama). That said, I still hope he wins. I’m no longer a Democrat, but what is good for the Republican Party is not my primary concern. Keeping Claire McCaskill in the Senate and Harry Reid as Majority Leader is bad for the country, and that is what I care about.

      Dimsdale in reply to Avi. | October 19, 2012 at 5:12 pm

      Akin’s intelligence notwithstanding, tell this guy ( that there is no such thing as a legitimate/illegitimate rape.

      Or the fine members of the Duke Lacrosse team…

      Akin may have fumbled his words (Biden, anyone?), but that didn’t hurt anyone but him; McCaskill has screwed her state, Missouri, but voting for Øbamacare.

      Who should Missouri be more fearful of?

As an interrogator in depositions or trial, I LOVE it when I get a lot of heat in response to a question! We ONLY get really defensive when we know we were wrong, or are vulnerable.

And ObamaClair never answered the question! You know you hit the mother lode when you get that response.

That question WILL be asked again.

NC Mountain Girl | October 19, 2012 at 10:45 am

Both candidates have sky high negatives. I am not sure the polling is very useful because a lot of it is forced choice. There is a libertarian on the ballot who is likely to draw significant votes from those who can’t stomach either candidate.

Might an analog to the Bradley effect work in Akin’s favor?

That said, IMO Mountain Girl has a point because I myself have voted libertarian when the GOP candidate was unacceptable.

    gs in reply to gs. | October 19, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Could Claire McCaskill lose to Todd Akin? You betcha

    Y’know, there is a person who might single-handedly tip that race to Akin, if she had a mind to…

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to gs. | October 19, 2012 at 11:29 am

    A lot of the Green vote is often from Democrats unhappy with the regular party hack on their side of the ballot. Alas, there is no Green alternative in this race.

Look if tea partiers can vote for Romney, the rest of repubs can be asked to vote for Atkins. Remember you go to war with the Atkins you have!

One look at Akin’s voting record in the House and it’s insane for any Republican not to support him. His unfortunate statement a few months ago was “inartful,” as Democrats love to say, but he was trying to show his pro-life stance. His voting record at GovTrack shows that we need this man in the U.S. Senate and shame on the GOP for not doing more to make it possible.

Ignore the question, Ad Hominum the questioner, and then use Ignoratio Elenchi on the source (Onus Probandi) bringing up the Red herring of the criminal past of the source claim).

She knows if she ever actually answered the question, she’d be dead in the water.

When it all broke with Akin the bulk of the comments here were emotional and negative. They damned him for standing his ground. A few of us urged a more reasoned and accept what is position. I suspect Akin would be ahead if he had gotten the party money support he should have. Lesson: Being at odds with the Rove types is not necessarilly a bad thing. It may mean you wont be bought.

McCaskill like Cardin in 2006 won in 2006, in part, due to the Michael J. Fox embryonic stem cell commercials targetig Jim Talent and Michael Steele, respectively. I’d love someone to ask her what Fox thinks of such research now.

“Stem cells are an avenue of research that we’ve pursued and continue to pursue but it’s part of a broad portfolio of things that we look at. There have been some issues with stem cells, some problems along the way,” said Fox, who suffers from the diseases’ telltale tics and tremors.

“It’s not so much that [stem cell research has] diminished in its prospects for breakthroughs as much as it’s the other avenues of research have grown and multiplied and become as much or more promising. So, an answer may come from stem cell research but it’s more than likely to come from another area,” he said.

In his critique of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s autobiography, Lloyd Billingsley wrote:

So preservation of the status quo wasn’t entirely the governor’s fault, but it was the first of many disappointments in his tenure. Another involved embryonic stem-cell research. When the Bush administration failed to fund that research, Schwarzenegger backed Proposition 71, a 2004 initiative sponsored by real-estate tycoon Robert Klein II, a prominent Democrat. The measure promised to use $3 billion in bond money for embryonic stem-cell research that would turn California into a vast Lourdes, overflowing with miraculous cures for deadly diseases. Alas, Total Recall doesn’t mention that the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the state agency that Prop. 71 created, has spent most of its money without producing a single cure or therapy.

6 years ago it was article of faith that it was only backward religious conservatives preventing cures to so many malladies. But that promise has not been fulfilled.

Akin is no worse than Biden ever was…the only difference is as a GOP candidate, the media will ALWAYS do its utmost to mmake him look and sound like a dumb shit.

Will Slow-n-steady win the race? The pollster Aesop thinks so.

The sad thing is Republicans should have been winning this race in a walk. Now we have to fret over cobbling together a Republican Senate caucus, that ties or barely exceeds a tie, which basically means Harry Reid will be looking at his next Republican Senator to flip. If Lugar someone wins this, he would be among the likely possibilities.

Akin’s comment was stupid and insulting, but ultimately will have no impact on anyone’s life. McCaskill’s vote for Obamacare, however, had a direct impact on the lives of millions of people throughout the country, as will her probable opposition to its repeal. If Obamacare is not repealed before full implementation, we will never be rid of it and will be drawn further into the abyss of massive government and uncontrollable debt. I’d put up with someone who made a stupid remark in order to avoid that fate.

McCaskill’s defense was hilarious, the Former Employee is Not a Whistle Blower, he’s a Felon… ok so McCaskill’s Work With Felons 2 Commit Felony is the defense…

I can’t believe I’m going to state this, considering how much I cannot stand Akin.

I hope Akin defeats Clare Macckill, I cannot stand her, I cannot stand Akin either, but Macckill I absolutely loathe, I cannot stand her a whole heck of a lot more. And another 6 years of this lunatic corrupt woman?! NO NO NO

If I lived in MO, I would 100% vote for Akin, he’s an idiot, Clare is a much much bigger idiot. She needs to be defeated first and foremost in 3 weeks.

Akin may have said a couple of dumb things but I’ll give him credit for having the stones to stick up for himself which is a lot more than most of the rest of the mammy-pammy Republicans do. Who’s worse? Akin or Warren with her out and out lies.