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Chicago Tribune withholds endorsement for Jesse Jackson Jr.

Chicago Tribune withholds endorsement for Jesse Jackson Jr.

The Chicago Tribune announced today that it is withholding its endorsement for AWOL Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., given his now more than four-month-long absence from attending to his duties in the House of Representatives. The Tribune editorial page, which has endorsed Jackson in the past, writes that they will revisit this decision if he reappears before the election.

The Tribune writes that voters have a “viable choice” in Republican challenger Brian Woodworth, referring to him as “smart and energetic” with “sound fiscal positions.” Apparently the Tribune advises that’s good enough for voters, but not good enough for them to endorse the present and accountable Woodworth.

From the Tribune:

We’ve endorsed Jackson many times, including in a tough primary race in March against former Rep. Debbie Halvorson. We’ve given him the benefit of the doubt during a House ethics committee’s interminable investigation into whether Jackson tried to buy an appointment to the U.S. Senate from ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

But Jackson has been out of commission for four months. Sandi Jackson’s remarks to reporters last week are the strongest indication we’ve seen that the congressman will not soon be himself. It’s not fair to expect his constituents to go without representation indefinitely.

We make no endorsement in this race, a decision that could be revisited closer to Nov. 6 if Jackson makes clear to the public he is able to serve.

Perhaps the Tribune could lead by example and endorse the “smart and energetic” Woodworth in the general rather than waiting around for Jesse.


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MaggotAtBroadAndWall | October 10, 2012 at 3:53 pm

It’s a D+36 district. My guess is the probability that Miami, Florida will experience a blizzard on the 4th of July is higher than than the probability that he will be defeated. Healthy or not. Sad but true.

NC Mountain Girl | October 10, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Too bad the voters have no right to ask for a writ of habeas corpus.

TrooperJohnSmith | October 10, 2012 at 4:42 pm

If it’s a Sh!tcago fish-wrap, then there has to be a Zero-Halliburton suitcase full of used, unmarked twenties, fifties and hundreds somewhere behind that “endorsement”. And as well know, Jun-ya is down on his luck and maybe a little short of “lettuce”.

J.J. Sr. might have to call some favors or shake down some companies for his kid.

The Chicago Tribune does not, repeat does not, endorse Republicans. That simply would not comply with The Chicago Way.

An outright endorsement of JJJ’s opponent would immediately result in the Rainbow Coalition occupying the near-bankrupt newspaper’s Board Room.

I wrote this weeks ago–still applies.


We just heard you are back, after some kind of attack,
We rejoice with your family and friends.
Public service is rough, and we know it is tough,
To return and begin to amend,
All those things left behind, that unsettled your mind,
And required you to flee from the fight.
But with your return, there are things we must learn–
Only truth can now set you aright.

You campaigned for a post, so much harder than most!
You then said you were willing and fit.
There was “fire in your veins”, and they sang your refrains,
Of your powers, your plans, and your wit.
“Jesse Jackson’s the man, with whom we will stand,”
Was the war-cry throughout your home state.
Then, your future was bright, and it looked like you might,
Be the hero to make Illinois great.

But some questions arose, and now nobody knows,
If you can do your job at this time.
We are just not at ease, that this “mental disease”,
Isn’t pretext for hiding a crime.
Private souls can decide, to disclose or to hide,
Every SPECK of their own private lives.
But if the public you’ll serve, then YOU MUST HAVE THE NERVE

No rights reserved. It’s ”public”—you can critique the poem; copy it; amend it; augment it; or just disregard it!

He obviously expects to “slide in” on a sympathy and racist vote. NO. NOT ALLOWABLE. NOT EXCUSABLE. TIME TO LEAVE.

Since jackson’s district is nearly 100% full of 47%-ers, I expect that he’ll once again win in a landslide regardless of what any newspaper says.

It will be interesting to see if the Trib endorses our sacred president again. My guess is that they will as they don’t want to be called racists by the likes of Jessie Senior and all the left wing clowns at the Sun Times and various other media outlets. Anyone who thinks that the Trib is a conservative news outlet is badly mistaken.

It’s not that Trib finally recognized the error of it’s liberal ways, it’s just that they couldn’t recommend a guy who doesn’t show up. If the Trib understood liberty, they would endorse the absent Jackson. The more he stays away, the less damage he does to the Country.

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