The Chicago Tribune announced this morning they are endorsing fiscal conservative Tim Wolfe over Cong. Jan Schakowsky in the 9th District congressional race in Illinois. This is huge.

Schakowsky, endorsed by the Trib in 2010, has been shut out by her former endorser. They are saying her dogged partisanship and liberalism isn’t what the country needs and are breaking with the past to endorse Wolfe. From the Tribune:

We have in the past gone hot and cold on Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky of the 9th District. She’s always up for a good debate and it’s a pleasure to spar with her. But she’s also one of the most partisan, liberal members of the House.

When the Democrats finished drawing the new congressional maps, Republican Tim Wolfe awoke to find himself living in the 9th. The district is considered safely blue. Wolfe lives in Arlington Heights, a pocket of red voters who were tossed into the 9th by mapmakers to protect the Democratic tilt of other districts. Wolfe decided he had to run against Schakowsky. “You know what Jan is going to offer,” he says. “More government, more taxes, more debt, more government intrusion. … She stands for the exact opposite of what I stand for in most cases.”

Schakowsky has a strong record of constituent service. We would like to hear her acknowledge that a solution to Washington paralysis is going to require fierce partisans to accept that the other side has something valid to contribute. Washington could use a strong dose of what Wolfe has to offer: in a word, fiscal restraint. Wolfe is endorsed.

If ever there was a David-and-Goliath race, Illinois’ Ninth Congressional district is it. In 2010,’s Joel Pollak ran against her and has been the closest to unseating her thus far. The Tribune endorsed Schakowsky in 2010, but it seems even they are wising up to her extremism.

Cong. Jan Schakowsky, a member of the Progressive Caucus, marches with Occupy and cavorts with radicals. She’s had a dinner held in her honor at by the Democratic Socialists of America. The Huffington Post included her in a list of politicians who started their careers as community organizers. Oh, and her convicted felon husband Robert Creamer wrote the first drafts of Obamacare from his jail cell while serving time for check-kiting.

Tim Wolfe is a private citizen, an accountant who has not dabbled in community organizing or professional politicanhood. He believes in the American dream and has his own American story. I’ve met him over the course of the campaign and have been impressed by his commitment to fiscal responsibility, tireless campaigning, and humility. He’s not seeking the spotlight or a cushy career like his opponent but to serve his constituents.

Tim Wolfe’s platform is simple. He doesn’t have a ton of money, but he has volunteers pounding the pavement day and night for his campaign. He talks about growing the economy, cutting taxes, paying down the debt, and getting the federal government out of local affairs.

Meanwhile, Schakowsky must be fuming that her obfuscation and extremist activities are finally being given the scrutiny they deserve. Schakowsky is supported by a national network of extreme progressives, and she certainly is the goliath to Wolfe’s David.

Defeat her and you begin to unwind the progressive web that is throttling America at the federal level. Donate to Wolfe here.


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