This is the third of four debates, being held in Western Massachusetts. It starts at 7 p.m. Eastern.

You can watch it on CSPAN on television or online, or live fees at, and

There will not be a “live” blog tonight, but you can comment and I’ll give assessments at the breaks and the end.

End Assessment:

No big moments.  The moderater didn’t ask a single question on any of Warren’s character issues.  Brown brought up her legal representation of big corporatoins repeatedly, and her big salary, but she didn’t respond.

Warren’s game plan was clear, repeat over and over Republicans, Grover Norquist, Mitt Romney, Millionaires, Billionaires, Big Oil, fair share.

Brown kept coming back to his Massachusetts connections, name dropping and pointing out how he helped local businesses.  Brown also stressed his bipartisan nature.

Overall I’d say this was a draw.  Warren was more on offense than in the past, and since the moderator didn’t ask any questions on her character issues, she got to speak in platitudes.

Play by Play:

First question was on jobs.  Warren went right after Brown, and complained that Brown sided with the millionaires, Brown said he rejected the first two jobs bills because they raised taxes, but did support the third bill because it made sense.  Brown made sure to throw in a lot of local references, to places he worked and people he knows.

Next question on Obamacare, Warren went after Brown again.  Tried to tie Brown to Romney.  Brown was a little defensive.

Next question was on higher ed.  Warren again went after Brown and tied him to Romney, protecting millionaires.  Brown brought up Warren’s salary, zero interest loan and perks, and pointed out how students borrow money to pay Harvard which pays Warren.

On deficit, Warren said cut agriculture and military.  Brown hit her on the military cuts.

On the middle class, Brown brought up Warren’s representation of Travelers, LTV and Dow Chemical.  Warren never came back on it.  Brown referred to Washington as pigs in a trough.  Warren brought up that after Dodd Frank bill, Brown worked for a company to get better treatment.  She fell in a trap, because Brown pointed out that the company was Mass Mutual, headquartered in Springfield and a huge local employer.

Throughout the debate Warren supporters were interrupting Brown and cheering Warren.

Next segment was on “womens issues.”  It gave Warren a good opportunity to play the women as victim card.  Brown brought up Catholic issue.  Brown could have been better when Warren kept bringing up “equal pay for equal work” misleading characterization.

Base Realignment program next.  (The moderator is doing everything to stay away from Warren’s personal problems, and there are only 10 minutes left to go.)