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Branco Cartoon – A Chainsaw We Can Believe In

Branco Cartoon – A Chainsaw We Can Believe In

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Branco’s Facebook page is Cartoonist A.F.Branco


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Great cartoon, and as apt too!

Just one little problem, the game ain’t over! The game’s over when the fat lady sings and not before, so Mitt’s got to keep on playing to win. GOTV for Romney / Ryan.


The current meme being presented is that Romney LIED about everything and Obama was too much of a gentlemen to call him out on them.

So far Krugman and TPM (Toilet Paper Memeo) and David Weigel (I call him “Wiggle” cause he’s such a little worm.) are on board for this and some other’s

If you can stand the hilarity, just check out memeorandum for the LOOOOOON list of headlines all saying similar stuff about Romney’s LIES.

Tee Hee.

Today (yesterday actually), for the first time I can say I feel PROUD of the Republican Nominee.

The Washington Examiner is saying that Team Obama is about to have a problem with their credit card contributions, like they did in 2008.

The fall back position, the default position of Democrats is LIE and CHEAT. Spin and credit cards. Now Teh Wun needs all that European and Arab money to help him win.