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Animal Farm week at College Insurrection

Animal Farm week at College Insurrection

In case you missed it:

With some Animal House thrown in:


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Jeez, with all this junk going on at universities, why bother to spend the money to go there? You can get an excellent education via The Learning Company’s videos and audio tapes. Who needs the Communist junk that goes on at these overpriced indoctrination centers?

You didn’t list my alma mater, U Wisconsin, Madison. I’m crushed. Oh wait … all of that goes on regularly at UW. It’s not news.

WOW, Professor J.!! “Cornell to offer Gender Neutered Housing.” Mein Gott..! (-:

The non-Animal House headlines in your post leave me gasping. Good Grief, what hath the universities wrought?! Maketh me Tired,’Yo. Persons of Tolerance & Diversity to Terrorize conservative students possessing BRAINS & Critical Thinking. I was in college & grad school(History)1963-1969 and a Lib & Anti-War guy(SOP), but this kind of horseshit, which passes for normal, would have been beyond imagining, much less desired by most of us then.

Whoa! Houses have a gender? Who knew? So, how do you neuter a house? I mean, I know it has something to do with the “plumbing” but I’m having difficulty figuring the specifics.

“Michigan State Professor Strips Naked in Classroom”

Bein’ tha seroius studnt i wwere i be werried this be on tha exame.

I find myself not wanting to read any of the college insurrection articles because I’m scared for my young teenage daughters future. However, burying my head in the sand in regards to what could await them at college is not a good idea. I have too many friends who say their children were different people when they got out of college (and not in a good way).