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Wild West

Wild West

Reader Rosalie isn’t seeing much enthusiasm for Obama either, but she did catch this wild west poster:

I came across this photo in a store front window while vacationing in Hyannis, MA. I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Much to my surprise, I didn’t see many pro Obama bumper stickers around town.

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Shouldn’t that sign read “Pseudo-Indian Fighter?” In fact, wasn’t that a WWII phenomenon, the famous “Foo-Fighters?”

That is one of the best posters I’ve seen to date.

Revision: Scott Brown: Fighter of Faux Indians..

I’d imagine Brown will do more for Native Americans than Warren ever did in all her years of trying to meet others like her.

*snork* 😀

Looks cute, not funny.

Indians are not the enemy. We are not fighting Indians.

    @Paul, my reaction, too. That’s NOT very PC for this societal “atmosphere”. You are absolutely right, “Indians” are not our enemy. That dredges up too many past atrocities against them from all across this nation. I kind of understand the point of the poster but it’s an extremely poor choice of word. I’m assuming it’s in regards to Elizabeth Warren and her heritage controversy. Still, I think it’s in poor taste. As much as I benefited growing up in the 50s with “Hoppy, Gene and Roy”, the Indians depicted then were still not our enemy. Historically, we encroached on their lands and mistreated them and took horrible advantage of them, stealing their land with little or no compensation. Yeah, bad choice of word on that poster. Lots of problems with history there. Just sayin.

Instead of “Indian Fighter” it could say “Custer’s Stand”.

Perhaps you see now why it may be cute but it’s not funny and it leaves an opening for the true enemy (Liberals).

I’d put sneer quotes around “Indian.”

“No Way, Lizzy”

As a lawyer, Liz was “fair”,
But to be “Prof” she had to share
MINORITY traits that just weren’t there.
Oh, poor Lizzy.

And then she had a wicked dream,
She’d steal a “Cherokee Nation” theme,
Theft of a race was her crazy scheme,
Crazy, crazy Lizzy.

Harvard bought the lie real fast,
And Liz kept lying to the last!
She could deceive with stunning class!
Dirty, dirty Lizzy.

Now Cherokees kept perfect lists,
Of their descendants in our midst,
And Lizzy’s name did not exist!
Oh, oh Lizzy.

In fact the TRUTH was stranger still,
LIZ’ forebears, like George Custer, killed,
The Cherokees who were living still!

But when confronted by her fraud,
Liz attacked–she wasn’t awed
By truth, or even Indian Gods
Danger, danger Lizzy!

Now Massachusetts must decide,
If Liz, with BO right at her side,
Can mock both state and indian pride.
No way, Lizzy.