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When did Jennifer Granholm acquire a Southern accent?

When did Jennifer Granholm acquire a Southern accent?

What is it with the Dems?

Whenever they want to feel real, they put on fake accents, particularly stereotypical black southern accents. Hillary did it in 2008 and Joe “Chains” Biden did it recently.

Do you detect a slight southern twang in Jennifer Granholm’s imitation of Howard Dean, as I do? I guess she picked that up in her native Canada, growing up on California, or maybe when she was Governor of Michigan:


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About the same time warren acquired a Cherokee heritage

Regardless of her accent…

I would have LOVED to have the spit towel concession for the first three rows down on the floor!

Cripes! I also wonder at those numbers she was spewing…

“…and, in 2009, Barack Obama stepped up to the plate and SAAAAVVVVEEEDDD the auto UNIONS..!!” J.Granholm.

Funny, ain’t it, how the Demowits know who they’re speakin’ to,’Yo? Idiots who buy that “bankrupt” is the same as Mitt’s wanting “Filing for Bankruptcy Protection” so the industry could restructure into something sane. My old party is finally a simple embarrassment.

    Ragspierre in reply to NeoConScum. | September 7, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Lost in all of this is that the companies DID go bankrupt…

    just NOT according to bankruptcy LAW. I’m STILL scratching my head over just how that was remotely legal.

    One of the first acts of hte Obamabanana Republic.

Why would someone in the party of wicked smart people who love science and hate the creepy backwards Jesus people take on an affectation like that? Maybe she has a cold or something.

As a Michigander, I literally covered my eyes in shame.

Aside: What we here in the Great Lake State noticed most of all-and is the talk this morning?

Her mole is gone!

“When did Jennifer Granholm acquire a southern accent?”

Maybe right after that half bottle of Southern Comfort she appeared to have consumed before her appearance.

The entire convention was a circus. The perfect followup to Jennifer’s speech would have been the Code Pink costumed “ladies” singing “Respect”.

This is the sort of thing that is making American politics just another cable TV reality show.

“I guess she picked that up in her native Canada …”

Unbeknownst to many, her parents eloped to Canada because her mother was 1/32 Southern.

We posted this video on our own website, recommending people watch it without the audio — because Granholm will suddenly remind you of someone speaking to a group of children they are trying to rouse up.

Which actually is the group she was speaking to:

This should be shown in schools all across the country as an example of why bath salts and meth are bad.

Let’s see . . .

She has a degree from Harvard, so it’s not unheard of one of them taking on a different persona (real or imaginary)

Or, maybe she has been keeping considerable company with a former Southern president who has been known to have an influence on women

Or, maybe a technician was fooling with the PA system, modifying her accent and she got into the groove

Or, she did spend time in Lansing, so maybe that’s considered “Southern,” at least to the Yoopers

Or, maybe her handlers told her it would be a contrast to that GOP woman that Dems love to ridicule, if not hate

Or, maybe our hearing is so wrong about what we’ve been hearing from the Dems that this affected what we thought about her accent. . .

Or, maybe, just maybe, it was another Dem getting carried away while on center-stage?

Is this really a DNC speech, or is it a Saturday Night Live skit?

My favorite southern accent (or, at least, a sonorous Tennessee accent) belonged to Al Gore. He, who was born and raised in Washington, went to Saint Albans and Harvard, spent one month per summer (most summers) in Nashville. Yet when he spoke he often had the perfect Tennessee twang going, and my wife used to speculate that he spent his high school years with an accent tutor giving him elocution lessons right alongside his SAT tutoring. Fake from start to finish.

To be fair, Vancouver, BC is about as Southern as you can get (in Canada)

I don’t know if that is supposed to be a southern accent or not, but I do know that what she said about the great auto bailout saving all those jobs that would otherwise have been lost is nothing but a huge steaming pile of BS.

What does she think would have happened if GM and Chrysler had gone through a managed bankruptcy, as they should have? Does she think the companies would have disappeared in a puff of smoke, taking those jobs with them when they went? Those jobs still would have been saved, the difference would have been that the union workers would have had to take a pay cut and a benefits cut to make them more competitive with workers at other auto manufacturers in the U.S.

But instead of an ordered (and lawful) bankruptcy, we had an unfair and illegal (and massive) transfer of wealth (to the tune of tens of billions of dollars) from U.S. taxpayers to already-overpaid UAW workers. Even the Obama administration now admits that the auto bailout cost taxpayers $20 billion more than we will ever likely recover, and most auto-industry analysts say that figure is a gross underestimate of what taxpayers will ultimately lose on this bailout. And analysts also say that GM will likely be back in bankruptcy soon, since the bailout did nothing to address the huge underfunded pension liabilities, the bloated union salary and benefits packages, and the crappy products that are keeping GM stock price so low (and going lower).

    The Drill SGT in reply to Observer. | September 7, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    But instead of an ordered (and lawful) bankruptcy, we had an unfair and illegal (and massive) transfer of wealth (to the tune of tens of billions of dollars) from U.S. taxpayers to already-overpaid UAW workers

    AND, because of the reordering of claimants, from the bond holders to the unions. Who owns bonds? pensioners and pension funds. The California Teachers pension fund was , I think, the biggest single claimant

Whenever they want to feel real, they put on fake accents, particularly stereotypical black southern accents.

IMO Granholm is trying to sound black. “Sophisticated” disparagement of European ethnicity is a fashionable symptom of white Leftist self-hate.

Laura Castellano | September 7, 2012 at 5:10 pm

So…I do a lot of community theater, and this woman looks like she’s auditioning for a really campy, over-the-part role in a play or something.

Her hubby indicated..Damn, she doesn’t get all excited like that when we, make..umm never mind.

The speech mannerisms ( hand waving & rantingas Dwight pointed out in TV’s the Office ) with unfactual rhetoric remind me of those old videos of Hitler’s speeches before his National Socialist Workers(Unions) Party conventions.

just saying…

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That’s how all the riff raff on tv shows talk. Which is the closest she’s ever come to a working man/woman who’s living in the lower classes.

And of course your right, when they want to “connect” with the downtrodden and disenfranchised, who do they think of first? Right; Black folks or rednecks (of course rednecks bring the problems on themselves)

And voil`a == “southern” accent pops out.

Hillary did it, BFD Biden does it, even the folks who talk that way normally exaggerate it (sharpton, jackson et al) and of course when the ONE goes to a church (gasp) HE does it too.

They’re all phonies. Every – One – Of – Them.

What? Southern people don’t have accents! Only them “D*mn Yankees” have accents.

She’s kinda cute for a “DY” but she must be nuttier than an oak tree.

Wonder if she “partied” with BJ Clinton after the convention?

huskers-for-palin | September 7, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Bat-S**t crazy and probably good in the sack.

BannedbytheGuardian | September 7, 2012 at 9:20 pm

The last time I saw her was in post convention 08 somewhere in Michigan at a D fundraiser. She mentioned Hillary & the crowd erupted in loud boos & catcalls. She had to stand there & say -‘Whoah ..Wait now . Hillary Clinton is a PATRIOT.

Boos softened a bit but she was obviously taken by surprise at the vociferousness & viciousness of the crowd.

Now she has joined them. I don’t know why Canadians go into American politics. They should stick to singing. They are pretty good there.

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