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Upside and down

Upside and down

What used to be called hope and change.

From reader Perry in Rome, NY:

…in Price Chopper parking lot.

Another one on the other side of the license plate was right side up, but I like the upside down one better.


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to the full extent allowed by law.


I would like it better if the wording was right-side up, while the image remains as is. Still, another creative way to get the message out and reinforced.

There appears to be a lot of unrest out there but will it be enough?

I sure hope so…

    Well, here’s another one to be “Grumpy” about. It seems Team Obama, led by the “one” who seems embarassed by this country and what it stands for, isn’t beyond using our nation’s falg to glorify himself.

    Thirteen stripes for the original colonies, why how could they think to use them since they stand for “colonial” America? And the color red for the blood that was shed? I thought they were ashamed of this.

    We need to turn our “grumble” into a “rumble” that will leave no doubt as to our resolve come Nov 6.

    On Nov. 6, vote “Yes” to a brighter future for America. Vote Romney/Ryan!

It certainly makes you more curious to see what it says, so it might be more effective that way. Anyway, right side up or upside down, I like the message.

While the faux Republicans were out telling people that Romney has lost his way, the Obama administration had a very very bad week – one of the worst of his presidency.

Keep them coming Professor!

Remember, “right-side-up” Obama is FOR ALL Americans…except Christians, Jews, non-union workers, small business men and women, taxpayers, the aborted, the ones who built “it”, the women who buy their own contraception, the traditional and natural married couple, the Chicago school children, the gunned down on the streets of Chicago,…

I am seriously looking forward to seeing millions of offended frothing at the mouth Muslims rioting around the world in the next 6 weeks! Nothing can be more frustrating for Obama than watching these un-medicated fanatics trash his clever little tap dance during his last weeks in office. This will be an October surprise that can greatly benefit America while removing our Kenyan presidential posers grasp around the throat of our liberties. Likewise, I’m looking forward to waving goodbye to Holder, Hillary and Napolitano as they transition from position’s of plaintiff to defendant.