From The Washington Examiner, Al Qaeda is alive and GM is half-dead:

“Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.” That was Vice President Biden’s answer to the question of why President Obama should be given a second term.

To this bumper-sticker slogan, the demonstrators who sacked the U.S. embassy last week in Cairo delivered their reply for the world to hear: “Obama! Obama! There are still a billion Osamas!”

Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead, but recent events confirm that al Qaeda is alive and well. It launches new attacks on American targets even as the Obama administration buries its head in the sand over what’s happening today in the Muslim world. Government Motors, meanwhile, is still being towed along by the taxpayers, losing market share and perhaps heading toward a second bailout.

Bin Laden’s death provided a psychological boost for America and for the world, but he was mainly a figurehead by the time he died in May 2011. His death ended neither al Qaeda nor the radical movement it represents, as attacks on American outposts from Tunisia to Indonesia demonstrate.

The Obama/Biden bumper sticker, knowing what we know now, is possibly the saddest bumper sticker ever, reflecting a spiking of two footballs, neither of which was quite what it seemed (image from Examiner):