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Two footballs spiked before the game was over

Two footballs spiked before the game was over

A football spike does not a victory make

From The Washington Examiner, Al Qaeda is alive and GM is half-dead:

“Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.” That was Vice President Biden’s answer to the question of why President Obama should be given a second term.

To this bumper-sticker slogan, the demonstrators who sacked the U.S. embassy last week in Cairo delivered their reply for the world to hear: “Obama! Obama! There are still a billion Osamas!”

Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead, but recent events confirm that al Qaeda is alive and well. It launches new attacks on American targets even as the Obama administration buries its head in the sand over what’s happening today in the Muslim world. Government Motors, meanwhile, is still being towed along by the taxpayers, losing market share and perhaps heading toward a second bailout.

Bin Laden’s death provided a psychological boost for America and for the world, but he was mainly a figurehead by the time he died in May 2011. His death ended neither al Qaeda nor the radical movement it represents, as attacks on American outposts from Tunisia to Indonesia demonstrate.

The Obama/Biden bumper sticker, knowing what we know now, is possibly the saddest bumper sticker ever, reflecting a spiking of two footballs, neither of which was quite what it seemed (image from Examiner):


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From The Washington Examiner, Al Qaeda is alive and GM is half-dead

Personally, I’d have it that:

Our Libyan Ambassador is dead and GM is on life support

but neither will I quibble over nits.

    Bin Laden was marginalized. He was not the same man with the same power when he met his end as he was in 2001. It’s like knocking off a fastest gun in the West when he’s past his prime.

    Even if they call GM a “victory,” it’s not going to mean much if we end up in a depression (soft landing or otherwise).

    So, the sticker is nothing more than “fluff”. Not the kind to sleep on, either. It’s the kind that gives nightmares!

Movie 2016: Obama’s America now at Youtube, full length.

OT, but really bears reading:

Why can she say it so succinctly and so clearly in just a few words, and yet our standard bearers are so afraid to go there? It’s so simple! If they hit harder with FACTS, the message will get across. Are they afraid of being called racists? They will be anyway, so why worry. Get the TRUTH out, otherwise it is ours to lose.

P.S. If Mitt and his campaign were smart, they would enlist Palin’s help campaigning and they would see people come out in droves.

Perhaps my vision is faulty, but I find merit in Romney & Ryan’s “invitation to discussion” approach over others.
The events of the recent past, COMPEL us to join AS AMERICANS with minimal common goals of SIMPLE PRESERVATION OF OUR HERITAGE AND FREEDOMS. My point in verse:


You may think this a one-sided conversation,
But things are changing so FAST in this our nation
That I now “hear you” through your acts and speech
Perhaps as well or better than if each
Of you were sitting with me now,
Striving to be as cordial as our emotions might allow.
(But our deep feelings should not PREVENT our “talk”.)

To start, might we agree upon “ONE THING”
And that is, in America we may sing
A song of life and love and hope unique
From all other flesh that we may see or seek.
Differences in our births or the trials of our lives
Cannot negate a truth which enemies would disguise.
(We CAN TALK as “Fellow Americans”.)

Of all the times and lands who’ve gone before,
There are FEW, IF ANY who have been given more!
We, thus, are offspring of generations
Whose labors/sufferings created this great nation.
If we cannot admit we are “joint heirs”
We will have lost outstretched hands and honest prayers—
(We will have lost the POWER to talk.)

But if honor compels us to concede WE SHARE A DEBT,
Then you and I can hold “discussion” yet,
And seek to find SOME OTHER THING to share,
If honoring each other’s view is something that we dare.
I will admit, I don’t possess superior heart or reason,
To readily offer or accept an “Olive Leaf” this season.
(How hard it is TO TALK, PEACEFULLY!)

I strive to dig DEEP within my meager soul,
To hold back fear and bitterness and to CONTROL
That savage anger which now so threatens my life
That, if given free rein, might begin such sorry strife—
The likes of which were only seen before,
When forefathers CREATED AND KEPT OPEN freedom’s door.
(Self Control allows us to TALK.)

In nations far away which have labored less,
We see self-anointed “leaders” who possess
Only the arts of fraud, and jealousy, and strife—
They do not shrink to demand we give our life
Either as vassals of their own vengeful plans
Or victims, and “sacrifices” to their commands.
(Would we allow this, just because we WOULD NOT TALK?)

BUT IF WE HAVE “COMMON ORIGINS”, then the sounds
Of despots and warlords now heard all around
(Cannot we too, TALK AND ACT AS THEY DID?)

Renewed in hope I see the miracle may yet repeat again,
Our very different souls can yet agree to fight and win
Not the despot’s “privilege”, but NATURE’S RIGHT to choose
How we shall live our lives; whether we shall keep or ose,
The liberties which cost such good blood before,
(And winning freedom, WE CAN TALK SOME MORE!)


There is not one “social issue” which trumps the HERE AND NOW of our continued freedom–NOT ONE.

No rights reserved, public domain material.

The Obama campaign has so little to crow about, so they chose his Middle East policy, oversimplifying and reducing it to did-I-mention-that-I-killed-Osama-bin-Laden? The rest of their campaign is attack Romney and avoid talking about the past four years. This is a weak spot that Romney needs to exploit.

Hammer Obama relentlessly for the his mishandling of the Middle East in general, Libya and Egypt specifically, and the fiasco of the days following the attacks, with the White House lying and misreading events.

Invoke Hillary’s 3:00 a.m. phone call ad constantly, reminding people that Obama went to bed rather than answer it. In a sense, he took the phone off the hook so he could get his beauty rest.


Sorry, last full stanza from bottom: “shall win or lose”

Theres an article on Linda McMahn in American Thinker thats a hoot but also very interesting. May it be that she & Scott Brown are harbingers for New England.

GM is NOT going to get a second bailout. The TEA Partiers in Congress have enough horsepower to prevent it from happening again.

I supposed Treasury could attempt to bypass Congress, but doing so would be suicide for whomever is Treasury Secretary at the time as the House will impeach them and the Senators will be forced to convict merely to save their own skins.

Another false narritive about Afganistan.
Media Spin: Last of Surge Troops Leaving
Reality: 70% of US Deaths there under Obama’s watch plus this downplayed item

    Jimzinsocial: You are right , this is a big deal. The degradation of this irreplacable resource by this attack is scary. Moreso that for the most part it has drawn little attention. 4 more years of this & we will have effectivly lost a major part of our deterrant ability and will be to broke to fix it.

Actually, Prof….

two footballs spiked before the PLAYS were over.

And, had there been anything like a neutral, unbiased official on the field…

the GM bankruptcy outlawry would have been flagged, and a penalty assessed.

Dear Prezident Messiah-Anointed One-Infantile Majesty-The Boy King: Wow, exactly, is that nonsensical folly of the VOLT working for you?? For Michigan?? For our country??

Is it true, Oh Wonder Prince, that GM wishes to take its company back from Big Nanny and that you won’t permit such a ghastly entrepreneurial act??

November 6: Buuuu-Byyyeeeeeeeeeeeee…!


A football thread!

Not looking good on my end-

Thinking Maze & Blue are in for it in South Bend, and my Patriots face the same fate tomorrow night. Oh, well.

er, wait-

off topic?

Let’s talk some more about the second spike. GM is a basket case. Their market equity is down by half since their stock was reissued. They keep lobbying for the federal government to sell its shares, but taxpayers would have to take a $25 billion+ loss at the moment. Any notion that “GM is back, baby!” is simply nonsense.

In fact GM is almost certain to go into bankruptcy again without another bailout. It’s a matter of months, not years. Because the bailout not only didn’t allow the relief of wasteful union contracts, it also ensconced a cadre of executives who helped create the mess and who would have been out the door at the demand of creditors in a real bankruptcy procedure.

And the recent hopeful reports of (slightly) increasing Volt sales? Heh. The large majority of these “sales” are in fact short term leases, 2 years @ $199 a month and only $250 down. It’s a giveaway – most of the lease payment goes to the dealerships and virtually all the Volts will be turned in when the lease is up, depreciated and unsalable.

It’s not going to be pretty for GM until they go through true reorganization under a bankruptcy judge.

A. Obama didn’t kill bin laden, the SEALS did. If the mission had failed, Obama would have claimed that it was a SEAL failure, not an Obama failure and only if the failure was made public.
B. GM is alive ONLY because the government is buying GM cars with taxpayer dollars.
Off topic, but:
C. Obama lost the Middle East by bowing and kissing ass.
D. Obama lost Iraq. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
E. Obama is losing Afghanistan.

    FX Phillips in reply to Towson Lawyer. | September 23, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Absolutely right on the mark. A concise summary of the utter cluelessness bordering on gross negligence of ECOTUS.

    Quite frankly we be better of if the chair actually were empty.

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