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“The Obama Effect” vs. “2016: Obama’s America”

“The Obama Effect” vs. “2016: Obama’s America”

Both of these movies were released on July 13 of this year.

A few months ago, I wrote about how at first glance, “The Obama Effect” appeared to be some kind of parody video. Sadly (for Obama supporters), it was a very real, but fruitless, attempt to recapture some of the 2008 Obamamania that has long since faded.

It appears that the vast majority of Americans couldn’t sit through an hour and a half of people swooning over Obama on screen. After all, we get enough of that when we flip on the news.

Rotten Tomatoes has “The Obama Effect” raking in a shockingly low box office total of $0.1 million (no, that’s not a typo). In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the trailer:

As you have no doubt heard. Another movie about President Obama was also released this summer and it has received quite a bit more fanfare.

“2016: Obama’s America” has shattered expectations and has become the 2nd highest grossing documentary of all time, pulling in $26.1 million (and counting). Although I’m quite sure you’ve already seen this trailer, here it is just for comparison’s sake:

This one was simply no contest. The conservative inspired, “2016: Obama’s America,” trounced the liberal motivated, “The Obama Effect,” $26.1 million to $0.1 million at the box office.

I’m not attempting to say that this comparison will be of any predictive value at the polls come November, but it certainly is interesting to note the shocking disparity.

It also poses an interesting question.

Judging by this small case study, which side of the political spectrum do you think has the more motivated electorate this time?


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No, no, Prof.

What this demonstrates is the shocking discrimination against the puuuurrrr by the moguls who run neighborhood theaters.

Ever seen one that was accepting food stamps?


So “The Obama Effect” was supposed to be a serious movie for Obama supporters? I’d never seen the trailer but I had read a description of it and it sounded, well, goofy.

God works in a myriad of mysterious ways the left to confound.

I’ve experienced the “Obama Effect” many times.

A queasy stomach and headache, every time I hear him give a speech.

November 6 is the date of the cure.

I’m still not taking any chances – just made a bunch of donations to conservative politicians for national offices.

Will do so again next payday, and the next, and the next.

Professor, what do you think of donating come the October 31 payday? Is that too late to help? Should I just skip that round of donations?

2nd thought. Admitedly I know little about Charles Dutton but he has struck me as likable. It must be humiliating for him to have put a fair piece of himself into this effort and have it fail so badly. He in microcosim is what millions of blacks must be experiancing. It is shameful that the dem braintrust , putting their own agenda first , advanced this fraud as the 1st black President. It shows their contempt for blacks and their base in general.

    Estragon in reply to EBL. | September 15, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    When Maher’s film came out, Mubarak was still in power. The Egyptian media is state-controlled, so they did not translate it into Arabic. That was back before Obama’s muslim brotherhood pals took over. Back when Egypt had a government friendly to the USA.

    This is why it’s so laughable to ask Google/YouTube to “block” the video in Egypt and Libya. Too late! Morsi already had it translated and broadcast in Egypt, which could not have happened without his approval.

    Obama is either the most ignorant fool ever in the White House, or he is deliberately trying to destroy America.

Who is more energized? Oh yeah, we have good cause:

With apologies to old English nursery rhyme.”POP! Goes the Weasel ”

Obama is an empty suit,
Who’s life been spent deceiving.
The media thinks it’s all in fun,
Pop! BO is losing!

Five trillions thrown to BOZO’s HOs,
Graft wasted at BO’s choosing,
Unless we stop, our Nation fails,
Pop! BO is losing!

Illegals swarm our borders today,
Big Sis still claims, “They’re closing!”
But, Sis’s minions scam us all,
Pop! BO is losing!

The Media Whores say “day is night”
To victory “BO is Cruising”.
But our “lying eyes” can see the truth:
Pop! BO is losing!

Their property stolen from Medicare,
New “death panels” at BO’s choosing.
Unless we stop, our seniors fail,
Pop! BO is losing!

R & R have plans to cure,
The problems we are facing.
And come November, THEY WILL WIN!
Pop! BO is losing!

I focus on the following when I worry about the upcoming election.
1. How well this movie is doing nationwide
2. The incredibl support for chik-fil-a
3. The outcome of the Scott Walker recall
4. Obama having to move his acceptance speech due to “rain”

It helps.