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That’s an order

That’s an order

From reader Michele:

My daughter (the passenger) took this picture while we sat in traffic on our way taking her back to college.

The picture was taken as we were sitting in traffic going over the Tappan Zee Bridge in NY, on our way to Fairfield, CT.


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That is one of the most clever bumper stickers I have seen lately! Several of us working in Europe are having a quick laugh about this one. The Europeans adore this guy, and can’t imagine why *anyone* would vote against him. They are shocked that almost all of us are vocal in our intent to remove him.

We have two Democrats in the office, and even they don’t defend the “success”. They spout the usual talking points about “worst since…” and “needs more time”.

As a rule we don’t all agree with everything Romney has done or plans to do, but now that he has Ryan we are all united behind him. OK, I picked Romney 18 months ago, but I gots Teh Brains.

Oh, and I sat in a currency planning meeting this morning. Direct quote: “The Euro is collapsing, but the future of the Dollar is worse”. I checked currency fluctuations this morning, and gasped at a 5% drop since last week!!!(Dollar vs Euro).

We gotta change course, folks.

PERFECTO..!! Got to have one. Will scour & others to get some of these. PERFECT for gifting to my lib friends for rendition purposes.(-:

Won’t put on my Lexus as–even in Central Florida–it might lead a person of tolerance & diversity to key my RX.

The use of not-so-cleverly disguised police jargon in the wording of the sticker is code implying that Obama is guilty of something because he is black. Apparently Presidenting-While-Black is to be treated as some sort of crime.

The sticker and driver are RACIST!!!!!!!

/sarc/ (for those who need it)

America’s Most Wanton!

CNN aired their “Obama Revealed” hour last night. When they did Romney, they brought up the high school prank, and went on about his parents, and his time doing Mormon missionary work.

For Obama, it starts with when he became president, and showed him as the hero every step of the way. At least for the bits I watched … couldn’t stomach most of it, so fast forwarded to see if I could find anything from his past. But it seemed completely sterilized. They spent a long time on ‘getting bin Laden. (that big no brainer decision)

It was an hour long campaign commercial to build up President Emptychair. They found nothing of interest in his mentors Davis and Wright, his dope smoking youth, his college days … nope … born right into the presidency. Too bad there aren’t a couple books by Obama himself, that they might have used as reference.

Love it! Commander in Thief!