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Tales of the tapes

Tales of the tapes

Obama attended an anti-Israel conference with Rashid Khalidi.  The L.A. Times will not release the video.

Obama was caught on an open mic calling federal employees “slugs.”  CBS News will not release the tape.

Obama was caught on an open mic promising the Russians to be more flexible if re-elected, and CBS describes the controversy as mere “presidential politics.”

An audio surfaced of Obama talking about how he loooooves redistribution, and Andrea Mitchell will not play it.

We caught Mother Jones putting forward an edited snippet of a Romney answer without disclosing that 1-2 minutes were missing, including part of the very answer which caused the controversy, and the media yawned.

Just more tales of the tapes related yesterday by Rush Limbaugh, who had a particularly astute observation here:

(Video via Daily Rushbo)


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That includes a Fox piece on Obama that needs to be seen.

When Michelle was talking about how both she and Barrackah had been raised in unconditional love at the convention, I was simply astounded. That was a terrible, flat-footed lie.

Barrackah was abandoned by BOTH his parents, and is a deeply pathological personality. Pres. Paracosm, indeed.

    Observer in reply to Ragspierre. | September 20, 2012 at 10:25 am

    That story in the Washington Examiner is very interesting. Especially the part about some of the “legal” work Obama did in Chicago. I put legal in quotes because it appears that one of Obama’s most significant “successes” as a Chicago lawyer was anything but “legal.”

    The Examiner reports that Obama was representing a landlord, actually a politically well-connected slumlord who became very important to Barry’s career. This landlord had failed to provide heat, running water, and other basic, legally-required necessities to the low-income tenants in a building he owned. The slumlord was in the middle of negotiations for a deal to sell his building to a consortium that was putting together some sort of low-income housing syndicate to take advantage of all the federal and state tax incentives for low-income housing (the kind where taxpayers and tenants end up getting screwed, but the property owners — and their lawyers — get rich). Anyway, the slumlord needed to get his tenants out of the building so he could sell it, so he had actually thrown these poor families out on the street, at a time when daytime temps in Chicago were around 10 degrees — in violation of all sorts of laws, not only in Chicago, but in the constitution (e.g., due process — there were no eviction notices served on the tenants). But the judge in the case, instead of being outraged at the clearly illegal, immoral, and disgusting actions of Obama’s slumlord client, decided to let him off the hook with nothing more than a fine . . . for $50! (Can you say “payoff” boys and girls?)

    So Barry Obama, community-organizing champion of the poor and underprivileged, was actually working to assist corrupt slumlords in Chicago who were literally tossing poor families out into the streets in the dead of winter — and buying off judges to let them get away with it!

After Obama is gone the media will need to be dealt with.
How do you deal with a media that has wondered so far from the original intent of the First Amendment as it pertains to the press? We can’t shoot them all. Can we? Tarring and feathering a few as examples might work if the media would cover it.

    raven in reply to jasond. | September 20, 2012 at 9:59 am

    The way to deal with them is simple and always has been. You confront and challenge them to their faces and in their own backyards. This requires a courage hitherto unrealized from leaders within the Republican party. Breitbart, Rush, et al can produce an infinite number of critiques and exposes of media bias. This will only go so far, and only at the edges. Our leaders need to go into the heart of their sanctums, call them out, challenge them on their premises and insidious techniques, even humiliate them. The entire interrogatory paradigm needs to be overthrown.

    Until Republicans understand that these people are not only bad-faith interlocutors not worthy of the deference we endlessly cede to them but ideological agents and even worse, morally confused enemies of freedom, nothing will really change.

    Plus, it would also be great theater for the masses to see them unravel on their own platforms. Being bullies who have abused their role in society from their elite, protected status of journalists, they would have no idea how to handle direct challenges to their prerogatives and lies.

    Newt has given us a taste of how to do this. But even he doesn’t go far enough, doesn’t take the battle to its end. It doesn’t require belligerence or meanness, just courage and tenacity.

    counsel4pay in reply to jasond. | September 20, 2012 at 10:19 am

    We are dealing with MEDIA WHORES NOW:

    1. They are failing financially with steep revenue declines from advertisers
    2. Their stock is falling in the market
    3. Income is down from sales or viewers BIG TIME
    4. WE DON’T TRUST THEM–and now rely more on INTERNET [God bless you Professor!]
    6. We mock them; laugh at them; ridicule them; etc. THEY CANNOT TOLERATE DERISION!


    We can even LAUGH AT THEM! My suggestion:

    “Crazy, Lying, Presstitutes”

    [“Presstitutes” are Media Whores/Prostitutes. Lacking honor they sell their souls one lie at a time.]

    The Presstitutes say Barrack is God!
    “You ‘little people’ should be awed!
    “You’re Savior’s triumphs you should laud!”
    Crazy, crazy Presstitutes!

    The Presstitutes claim “BO won the war!”
    “And killed the villain at his door,
    “The Seals were ‘BACKUP’, nothing more!”
    Lying, lying Presstitutes!

    The Presstitutes claimed “Secret news”,
    But doctored tapes were just a ruse,
    Fraudulent, deceitful Presstitutes!

    [The fact is: Romney spoke the truth,
    “Entitlements are through the roof”
    Wicked, nasty Presstitutes!]

    The Presstitutes need a lengthy rest,
    From the socialists that they love best,
    Lacking Truth, THEY’RE LOUSY GUESTS!

    Copy Freely
    * GAO = General Accounting Office.
    “Key Quote” = “Taken together, the trustees’ and GAO reports remind us of one of Obama’s most significant domestic failings: his lack of will to address our entitlement programs that are central to a real reduction in our national debt.”
    POINT: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have “hit the overspending nail on the head”—we reduce wisely; improve productivity vigorously; or we fail MISERABLY. So much for the FRAUDULENT CLAIM THAT GOV. ROMNEY HAS NOT BEEN FORTHRIGHT—he and his V.P. pick have been SOUNDING THE FISCAL ALARM FOR YEARS! We either hear it; or the Republic falls and fails. About 47% of Americans refuse to even admit this is a problem meriting discussion and resolution. What happens when those checks stop coming? Will the Media Whores dig deep into their multi-million salaries and make up the shortfall for their “fan boys”? I don’t think so.

    The Rebel in reply to jasond. | September 20, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    One way of dealing with the MSM after Romney becomes President would be to place New Media journalists in the front rows at Presidential press conferences and daily briefings. The old legacy media should be relegated to the rear echelon.

We deal with the media right now. Sandblast them, and make them improve the quality of their work product, or pay others for the services they should have performed for us.

Professor- Ace tweeted last night that you are appearing along with David Corn on CNN’s Reliable Sources. Is that so? Since I’ve never watched the show, and haven’t watched CNN in years, I have to rely on rumor for their programming.

Corn was on with Larry Kudlow last night, weasleing his way through a short interview, so I look forward to seeing your discussion. Frankly, this whole video tape thing is of zero interest to me, but I’m such a Jacobson fan that I’ll watch if the rumor is fact.

Part of Romney’s remarks NOT sensationalized…or reported much…deal with his understanding of our fiscal crisis.

You should look the transcript up and read it. I shows he gets it, as he does with the Islamic situation, contra Pres. Paracosm.

It is great for Rush to recognize the excellent work done by you, Prof. Jacobson, and to give LI a well-deserved plug. Congratulations again on the blog you have built.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 20, 2012 at 10:10 am

“William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection found it. This guy does fabulous work. Blogs in his spare time, just does fabulous work.” – Rush Limbaugh, 9/19/12

That would make a good addition to the “What They Are Saying About Me” quotes on the lower right hand side of the blog.

[…] on the topic of vetting the jug-eared socialist charlatan, Prof Jacobson has a few revealing videos he thinks y’all ought to reminded about as well. And Treacher reminds us that pResident Iworkforeverybody was every ounce as full of shit […]

Anytime one of our guys gets interviewed by these maggots they answer a question by making a point they want to make. Quit playing on the maggots field , by the maggots rules. Will our guys do that? I’m doubtfull.

When Instapundit asked “Say, where’s that Obama/Khalidi tape? Why won’t the L.A.Times release it? Oh, who am I kidding? They won’t release it because it would make Obama look terrible. What other reason can there be?” He got these responses:

“UPDATE: Reader Kevin Murphy writes: “The Tribune Company, which owns the LA Times, is still in Chapter 11. Suppose the Romney campaign (or Romney himself) offered the receiver $10 million for the tape. Could they refuse?” I’m sure they’d find a way to stall until November. It would have to be an exploding offer — with a one-week deadline or something. Then failure to take it might be a breach of duty.”

“ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Mark Reardon writes: “This sounds like a Kickstarter crowdsourcing opportunity to me. I’ve got fifty bucks that desperately need to be spent on bills that I’d pitch in.””

I’m still ready to pitch in, does anyone here know the answer to Kevin’s question? As a matter of fact, if it’s a bankruptcy maybe the receiver would accept something in the low 6 figures. If nothing else, it would be very interesting to see who would vie to outbid such an offer. Who knows how to start up a kickstarter?

    Having bought businesses and product lines out of bankruptcy court, I’d say that– normally — the process would be straight forward: the tape would be a scheduled asset, the court would take bids, and the sale would go forward and close. The court, after all, exists for the purpose of maximaizing value to the debt holders.

    Given though that we are talking about the President, I’d go forward assuming the judge would be in the tank for holding the tape off the market. I’d also assume the lawyers for the bankrupt Tribune Co. would gin up as good an argument as they could that the debt holders would be better served in some manner other than selling the tape to someone who would release it (like us). I would also assume the tape would suddenly be listed not as Tribune property but the property of some individual reporter, and you’d have a devil of a time litigating the ownership issue before the auction could go forward.

    Having said all that, I’ve got some dough I would happily throw in to the pot just on the hope we could get the tape out in the public eye, and I’ll raise more from friends if this is serious.

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