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Take this Community Survey form and ….

Take this Community Survey form and ….

Sent with the subject line “Will you defend me?”


Ah, the American Community Survey. Have you received it lately? This is the second time in 2 years for me. Maybe something to do with Colorado.

The faq states the survey states the benefits to be “help your community to establish goals, identify problems and solutions, and measure the performance of programs.”

I’m reminded of Reagan, and a statement of I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

I hope my responses don’t land me in jail, but part of liberty is the freedom to tell ’em where to stick it!!

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I second that, and will join the defense team!

I had to answer much the same crap about race and age at my medical provider’s office yesterday. They are required to collect this information,PHEH

No, not of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin.

But I did tenga una novia cubana. Fantástico.


Census 2010 lives on with new mailings

For the 2010 Census: Name and Address Only
(Congress Will Obey the Constitution When the People Demand It)

Don’t answer Census, don’t face going to jail
(Government demands answers, but official confirms penalties not applied)

Naked bullying; fedgov has no authority. Not answering the intrusive ACS = an act of Legal Insurrection.

Quit wasting my tax money on B.S. like this! Revert the Federal Government back to its constitutional purpose.

The census is written into the U.S. Constitution. While, it only includes a decadal survey, it is reasonable in a modern society to update the count on an annual basis. Not sure writing on the survey form will have much impact.

    scooby509 in reply to Zachriel. | September 6, 2012 at 8:41 am

    The purpose of the census was to get an accurate count to establish voting districts.

    It is not intended as a social engineering study. It is not intended to determine the optimal handouts to purchase blocs of votes. It is not intended to allocate residents into soviets for representation in the coming Marxist revolution.

      scooby509: The purpose of the census was to get an accurate count to establish voting districts.

      The Census has been around since 1790, and has been used for more than simple enumeration since 1810. Work to change the law.

    ACS is not census. just an ongoing never ending survey form census bureau decides to send to people to justify its funding.

    Fedgov doesn’t have the unilateral authority to change express constitutional language, such as the decennial court authority, and convert it into whatever a “modern society” may need. On this point the 10th Amendment is clear: we the people authorize you to do this, and no more.

    If fedgov believes it needs more information, then its course is set out in Article V (the amendment procedures) whereby fedgov can first ask for the consent of the governed.

    Until then, stick it.

      pfg: On this point the 10th Amendment is clear: we the people authorize you to do this, and no more.

      The Constitution happens to have a legislative process.

        Sanddog in reply to Zachriel. | September 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm

        So you subscribe to the ever evolving old piece of toilet paper view of the Constitution?

        Let me ask you this as well…

        Do you believe rights come from government?

          Sanddog: So you subscribe to the ever evolving old piece of toilet paper view of the Constitution?

          Legislative powers are in the original and amended U.S. Constitution.

          Sanddog: Do you believe rights come from government?


Here is my American Community Survey story. I have left out specific details so the the ACS spies will have trouble finding me.

Feb. x, 2009
Received letter announcing ACS package will arrive.

Feb. x+6, 2009
Received package – I did nothing.

March x, 2009
Got reminder postcard. – I did nothing.

March x+19, 2009
Got another package with the “You are required by U.S. law to respond to this survey.” threat. – I did nothing.

April x, 2009
Phone call, was out of house, they left message to call 888-***-****. – I did not call.

April x+4, 2009
Second phone call, I answered this one.

I told ACS caller that I refuse to answer any of their questions as this violates my privacy rights, not to mention the Health Information Privacy Act. She then threatened me with the $5,000 fine routine.
I told her, ”First of all, the CB can’t issue a fine. They’d have to go to court, and get a judge to determine the fine. The minute the CB brings this to court, I have standing in federal court to question the constitutionality of the ACS”.
She got so pissed at me she hung up.

I never heard from them again.

valuable service, people make judgements

government needs detailed information to determine need in targeted distribution of group rights

The census taker came to find me not home. They left the form on the stoop held down by a rock with a note . There it sat for weeks untouched. One day I came out to find a new one. Same process until it completely disintegrated. I live in the country with rednecks and mexicans. We’re in reality a tolerant group and mind our own business. John Law largely leaves us alone. The last census I filled out was in 1970.

    Not to ask a silly question, but what’s wrong with answering the basic questions specified in the original Census law?

    Or should I say question, singular? 🙂

      Sanddog in reply to Casey. | September 6, 2012 at 8:32 pm

      In 2000 I received the long form… 50+ questions that were highly intrusive. I filled out only the most basic questions and mailed it back. In response, I received multiple visits by census personnel threatening me with criminal penalties.

      They should consider themselves lucky that I bothered to fill out the basics in 2010.

I filled mine out using my best uninformed guess of what a composite family on the other side of town might look like, then I sent it in unsigned.

Never heard from them.

few yrs back (2008 ?) I got one, I sent it back w/o filling it out. also sent it registered so I got the signature card back.
on census in 2010 I checked all boxes, I guess I am a mutt.

IACS rep came to my home when my husband was home. He said she drove a Lexus. He answered the questions with no intentions of being deceptive, but almost every answer was incorrect. He overstated the price of our townhome, said that the association paid the water bill (does not), understated our assessment fee, understated our income. In summary, perfect response!

We went through this last fall. In addition to letters, phone calls, and FedEx packages, we had several visits from a census taker and then another from her supervisor. The nearest census office is a long, long way from our remote dirt road.

They told us that by giving them the requested info, our area might receive more government benefits. In each case, we politely declined to fill out the form, and asked them to stop wasting time and money on us. Every time, they agreed that we had the right to decline and promised to stop bothering us, then a week or two later, we’d get another letter, package, or surprise visit.

This went on for months, but now seems to have stopped.

    all you need to do, on their first physical presence is politely ask the census worker for their direct supervisors contact information, then order the census worker to cease and desist any future attempts to contact.

    Tell ’em ibuckshot’s got your back.

Ignored warning letters and didn’t answer phone when they called. When they finally came to my house, I told them
“I refuse to comply – have a nice day” and shut the door. Worked for me.

I sorta did the same thing with a Medicare “survey” a few months ago.

Y’suppose that I’m some sort of “enemies” list?

My tax dollars at wor… er, being wasted!

They’ll probably send it back with the note:

Your response could not be processed. Please write within the boxes using a #2 pencil and resubmit.