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Sarah Palin lives in the mind of Julianne Moore

Sarah Palin lives in the mind of Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore couldn’t resist dinging Sarah Palin when she accepted her award for best actress in a miniseries or movie last night at the little-watched, but highly political Emmy’s (there was a football game on). Moore’s win was for playing the former vice presidential candidate in the “Game Change” series on HBO.

“Wow, I feel so validated, because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down,” said Moore before laughing along with the audience.

Fox News reports that host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t refrain from (the now predictable) jabs at conservatives either:

“Are any of you voting for Mitt Romney? Oh good, only 40 Republicans, and the rest godless liberal homosexuals… Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chick-fil-A sandwich on the snack table at ‘Glee,” he said, throwing in a jab at GOP supporter Kelsey Grammer, and comparing the PBS series on English aristocrats “Downton Abbey” to what life was like for Mitt Romney growing up.

Moore and many of her fellow Hollywood elites don’t attempt to conceal their leftist sympathies in any other way, and it certainly isn’t news that they went for it this time.

But Moore might have a little more sympathy for the character that provided her a win; especially after Moore’s own gaffe on the red carpet. Twitterers were quick to pick up on the fact that while walking the red carpet, Moore referred to our electoral process as the “electorial college.” I give that a big thumbs down.


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She should have consulted Sarah Palin about what to wear last night. She looks like a school bus.

It’s a free country and everyone has a right to express their opinions.

I just cannot understand why these trained monkeys think just because they can learn a few lines and pretend to juggle a ball on their noses that it means their political opinions should matter to anyone.

My lab is a great dog. She might be a Democrat, but I don’t ask her for political insight. But I would ask her before I asked Jimmy Kimmel or Julianne Moore because I have at least seen signs of some intelligence from her, and none from them.

Don’t watch movies. Don’t watch TV. Don’t put any money in the pockets of people like this.

They don’t care what you think, but they care very much about how you spend your dollars.

Same Same | September 24, 2012 at 4:32 pm

The moral of the story is not to spend money on the films they make. When it hits them in the purse, they will perhaps learn to be a bit more circumspect(although I doubt it). Oh, and I really wouldn’t put too much weight on the opinions of the Hollywood mutual admiration society, and tend to think that all whom they have maligned will one day have the last laugh.

If you made a fortune despite an almost complete lack of talent or intelligence, would you believe in individualism and meritocracy?

Neither do Jimmy or Julianne.

The film “Game Change” was the most overt and unconscionable attempt at character assassination ever produced in Hollywood. The film, while entirely about Palin or rather the writer’s and producers’ mutant misconception of Palin, was in fact based on a book which only fractionally dealt with Sarah Palin. The film’s factual and slanderous inaccuracies (or “creative licenses”) and its outright fabrications were chronicled by Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. Breitbart even generated a timeline showing the impossibility of the film’s central dramatic moment when Palin curls into a babbling fetal ball at the prospect of debating slow Joe Biden.

From the planning stages the film was intended to destroy Sarah Palin; its lies were of a united purpose and it was timed to be released just before Super Tuesday, when, in Hollywood leftists’ fevered fears, Palin would be presumably trying to clinch the nomination. The film was financed by big Obama donors at HBO.

That this artistically immoral, mendacious piece of trash won anything last night — or was even recognized — tells you everything you need to know about Hollywood.

I’m personally curious if Julianne Moore ever tried to contact Palin. Don’t modern actors always seek authenticity and fidelity and look to honor the person they’re trying to embody? Ha. Moore, along with the film’s fantastically bigoted writer and many in Hollywood, is an ignorant, hateful arrested adolescent, a brat, i.e., the opposite of a true liberal.

Leno and others can always get a cheap laugh (using the laugh sign) by joking about how stupid Palin is for saying she could see Russia from her house. Of course exit polls showed that people believed Palin actually said that, and not some stupid Hollowood actress.

Romney’s dog or his cheating on taxes are ensconced as comedy gold on a nightly basis. Obama eating dog got mentioned, but was found insensitive. Harry Reid’s phony witness makes him a big fat liar, backed up by Pelosi … but that is never funny on prime time. Lies about Romney are hilarious, obscene truth about Obama lying and rewarding political cronies with billions is untouchable.

It is testimony to how brainwashed America is, that Obama’s stupid comments can’t be used to call the first (half) black president anything less than genius. Isn’t there some comedy gold in Obama’s past?

Obama lost his law license because he flat out lied about ever having used another name. Did he forget? Did he ever change it back? Wouldn’t it be “funny” if he didn’t? Wouldn’t it be funny if he gave billions of tax dollars to wealthy campaign donors, but not a dollar of his own to his poor half-brother in Africa?

Moore is a BITCH!! I’m tired of their garbage. Oh, Trouble with the Curve was a nice baseball story, humorous and a (very) little bit chick flick.

I say this as former liberal, and when I say liberal, hell I voted, campaigned for Al gore, Howard dean, and held my nose and voted for Kerry.

Dear Hollywood & Julianne Mooore:

You obviously think you are so much better than a middle class americans like me. I do not give a damn what you elitist PO$ scum think of me or your damn opinions. You people really have no f**king clue just how elitist, out of touch and arrogant scum you sound and look like to an average America. And newsflash: this pro-choice, pro-gay marriage chick fil-a loving american LOVES LOVES Gov Sarah Palin. I would consider it an honor to meet her, and you Ms. Moore can trot around that little play tropy in a dress that I’m sure costs more than I along with millions of Americans make in many months, but most average Americans see you for the elitist arrogant twit that you are, and please by all means keep making fun of the middle class in this country, and keep getting these ridiculous awards, where one set of Hollywood lefty idiots give other Hollywood lefty idiots awards and they all sit around like trained seals appaulding themselves on how great they all are.

–signed a disgusted former liberal now independent.

To say I am sick to death of lefties making fun of Republicans/conservatives who grow up wealthy is putting it mildly. Because they do not give a flying backwards flip if the wealthy politician/pundit is “progressive”. Kerry? Kennedy? Bloomberg? and so on and so on. Mangy little hypocrites. They *only* care if the person they mock doesn’t agree with their politics.

I had a colleague in my department lecture me on how Romney never “invented anything, built anything” and therefore his wealth is somehow morally suspect. As opposed to you know Steve Jobs. And those who invent or build things, where do they get capital investment? And what the heck did the average Democratic politician ever “invent or build”?

    what makes you think they go after only people who are wealthy. they go after middle class bitter clingers too.

    That’s all these lefty a$$holes do, I still consider myself left of center, I believe in public education, etc.

    They pretend to be for the little guy, but they want the little guy to stay the little guy, the lefties preach a good game about wanting a hand up so that people have ecnomic upward mobility, but its a load of crock, they say they want good education, yet don’t back people who want to reform the public school system, which is failing, to help kids, YET they themselves send their kids to the most expensive exclusive schools. They get all santimounous, but don’t have a damn clue about how the system is more for union power rather than kid’s power to higher achievement.

    They don’t care about the little guy, they just pretend too, and then assume anyone who’s rich who doesn’t agree with their “”pat on the head” lefty policies is some evil rich guy/gal.

    I don’t care that romney’s rich, he earned that money and good on him, I want my kids,me, family to have that chance too, and I sure as heck don’t think anyone who’s gotten very success is something to demean, its something to be appaulded!

    The lefties are all for rich, as long as its them, and the little guy stays the dependent little guy.

      n.n in reply to alex. | September 24, 2012 at 6:11 pm

      Public education is compatible with conservative principles (e.g. promote the general Welfare). Any overriding concern stems from involuntary redistribution schemes which sabotage character development and sponsor progressive corruption of individuals, institutions, and society generally.

      98ZJUSMC in reply to alex. | September 24, 2012 at 9:27 pm

      Being pro-public education is, not necessarily, a left of center stance. It’s what you teach that puts it over the line.

listingstarboard | September 24, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Must be hard for Sarah to live in such a narrow, tiny place.

Palin has the right perspective on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She recognizes individual dignity and the intrinsic value of human life. She also had more (and successful) executive experience than both Obama and McCain combined. She happens to be right more often than she is wrong on every issue, domestic, foreign, and life. Is this why individuals with selective principles and integrity mock her? It’s not just academics and politicians who suffer from a mutated perspective of reality while breathing the rarefied air of their tower perches.

anothercrawfish | September 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm

I bet the ratings would have been better if Sarah had been there.

The last movie I went to see was “Unforgiven”, the Eastwood Classic Western…what…??? 15 years ago? I have no DVD player. I grew tired of trying to keep up with which star I wanted to boycott for their inane political comments so I boycott all of them. Why should I subsidize their political rants-of the left or of the right. Personally, I was no happier having Eastwood at the Republican convention than I was at a Baldwin, Alba or Robbins at a Democratic convention. Because they can play dress up and make believe is no reason for anyone to take their opinions as more important than the woman who lives next door to me. Besides, I get a lot more reading done without slavish devotion to which ever star is popular this week.

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to rangered. | September 24, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    There exists a small handful of entertainment types whose opinion I actually respect. Eastwood is on the list because in his small way he entered the arena and ran for office. By the way, I feel the same way about many in our pundit class. If all you’ve ever run is your mouth and the only thing you’ve been responsible for is showing up on time save us the sanctimony about what candidates and elected officials should do.

Good performers, but otherwise they’re morons. But I blew- off patronizing the media products these people sell a long while ago, so I couldn’t give a @#$%’s @#$% what they say.

Take a look at this Obama supporter’s rather brilliant ‘interview with herself:’

Who cares what she thinks besides the rest of the peanut gallery assembled in that one, vast echo chamber.

Becoming a leftist really does require one to turn off the brain. You must become an unquestioning follower of the approved party line and no deviation is permitted.

Orwell was right. They somehow find freedom from thought and conscience in their slavery to ideology. Ultimately, they are to be pitied…

It gives me real satisfaction to know that I have a remote with a channel changing, and/or off feature.

It also gives me real satisfaction to know that I do not have to attend any movie, other than 2016, that will put money in the pockets of these jerks.

Trust Me:MOST actors are Infants. In the old days the studios were able to control the damage the little dears could wreck. 55+years gone are the days. Now, we get the treat, that special thrill, of watching them demonstrate their utter vapidity.

One of my very favorite mentors-colleagues(R.I.P.)in the producing profession would have referred to Mz.Moore as,”ODC”. One Dumb ***t. Yep, Nick, she’s a poster child.

Spouting pro-leftist or anti-conservative gibberish is the easiest applause line in Hollywood. I applaud the intellectual bravery of them all.

huskers-for-palin | September 25, 2012 at 12:43 am

Palin was the only one to bring me back into the GOP. Since then, it’s been a crap sandwich from the GOPe.

Mark my words, if the GOPe ever decided to bring out Jeb fricken Bush for the nomination, I will switch back to an Independent.

Even after all the crap thrown at her, she still fights for conservatives in the Senate/House. She also “gets it” on the social front with her TV shows and family media endeavors. Breitbart is correct, “Politics is downstream of pop culture”.

No speaking engagement at the RNC convention? Not speaking up for Romney/Ryan? I bet the RNC told her to butt out…they believe they have the base squarely in their pocket. Big mistake.

Aren’t those libs so smart, cute and funny?

What would we do without them?

Die, I reckon.

STEVE SCHMIDT, Game Change adviser and failed McCain campaign chief, has zero credibility after so many failures since day one! How this guy is employed in politics is beyond me.

This was an obvious Liberal Hollywood propaganda piece with the idea that Governor Palin was running for office this cycle as she still remains Obumbles greatest threat in politics.

He started as a failure in Politics
1993 Failed University of Delaware Political Science program

These guys hired a failure in Political Science? YEP
1995 Failed Will T. Scott Campaign (R-KY) run for Atty.General
1998 Failed Tim Leslie (R-CA) run for Lt.Governor
1998 Failed Matt Fong (R-CA) run for Treasurer
1999 Failed Lamar Alaxenderr (R-TN) run for President
2008 Failed John McCain (R-AZ) run for President

2012 Failed Career joins Scott McLellan by ..switching party loyalty.

Producer – Obama supporter Tom Hanks
Distributed – Obama shills HBO of Bill Maher infamy
Actors – Obama supporters Julianne Moore, Ed Harris, and Woody Harrelson

Steve became a PAID PAWN in revisionist history of liberal fictional account of the failed GOP election campaign he orchestrated. Movie is panned as untrue political propaganda