Julianne Moore couldn’t resist dinging Sarah Palin when she accepted her award for best actress in a miniseries or movie last night at the little-watched, but highly political Emmy’s (there was a football game on). Moore’s win was for playing the former vice presidential candidate in the “Game Change” series on HBO.

“Wow, I feel so validated, because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down,” said Moore before laughing along with the audience.

Fox News reports that host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t refrain from (the now predictable) jabs at conservatives either:

“Are any of you voting for Mitt Romney? Oh good, only 40 Republicans, and the rest godless liberal homosexuals… Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chick-fil-A sandwich on the snack table at ‘Glee,” he said, throwing in a jab at GOP supporter Kelsey Grammer, and comparing the PBS series on English aristocrats “Downton Abbey” to what life was like for Mitt Romney growing up.

Moore and many of her fellow Hollywood elites don’t attempt to conceal their leftist sympathies in any other way, and it certainly isn’t news that they went for it this time.

But Moore might have a little more sympathy for the character that provided her a win; especially after Moore’s own gaffe on the red carpet. Twitterers were quick to pick up on the fact that while walking the red carpet, Moore referred to our electoral process as the “electorial college.” I give that a big thumbs down.


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