The ancient “heathen proverb,” often applied to those who attempt to settle the Arab-Israeli conflict, seems appropriate to Republican presidential candidates and Pennsylvania.

New GOP-commissioned poll puts Romney 1 percentage point behind in Pa.

In contrast to other recent surveys, a new Pennsylvania poll commissioned by the Republican State Committee shows Mitt Romney trailing in the state by just one percentage point, party Chairman Robert A. Gleason Jr. said Thursday.

A number of polls have shown President Obama leading in Pennsylvania by either double digits or close to it. A Muhlenberg College poll released Tuesday had Obama up by 9 points, 50-41. An Inquirer poll published Sunday had the president up by 50-39.

Gleason said his party’s polling, conducted Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, showed the race a statistical dead heat, with Obama at 48 percent, GOP nominee Romney at 47, and 3 percent of voters undecided.