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Reader Poll – Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?

Reader Poll – Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?

Bill Clinton is giving the keynote address Wednesday night at the DNC.

Apparently Clinton has refused to submit his speech text for review.

What’s your guess, full throttled support for The One, throw The One under the bus, or something in between.  Admittedly it’s hard to know with Clinton, since he may use words which do not have as clear a meaning in reality as they sound at the time.

So, give your best guesstimate, from worst (“1”) to best (“10”) how much Clinton’s speech will actually support The One.

Poll open until noon Wednesday.  Remember, “1” is worst, “10” is best.


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8 – he is an elder party spokesman, and he won’t go postal on Odumbo.

    Bill can’t afford to throw the game for Obama. Did you ever see Eight Men Out? He will be more subtle than that. He has to put on a good show, a good fight, but he really does not want Obama to win. Your poll is spot on with a peak at 5

    persecutor in reply to walls. | September 5, 2012 at 9:14 am

    No, but I can hear a speech loaded with “When I was President, I…..” (fill in the blanks with things that he did that the Manchuarian Candidate has failed to do in the last 3 1/2 years.

    He’s gotta maintain the Hildebeast’s viability for 2016 and going postal would be counterproductive.

[…] the Bill Clinton speculation never ends. We’ll give our complete view tomorrow on this matter – we teased it a bit […]

I’m expecting a “For Brutus is an honorable man” speech, a speech that reads as supportive, but is a complete slam when orated. Clinton has the chops to pull it off.

“Damn him with faint praise” comes to mind.

Were I the former President of the United State, I would not submit my remarks ahead of time either. Or if I did, what I actually said would bear no resemblance at all to the remarks I submitted…

My guess is Clinton will say more about “Democratic Party” than Obama himself. I dont expect Clinton to say..look at these 10 things Obama did…what a great President we have.
Mostly Clinton will talk by Obama and get to “his” policies or views on things. You know… its like a Porsche enthusiast stuck in a VW showroom…he may stare at and stroke the VW but hes really talking about the Porsche.

huskers-for-palin | September 4, 2012 at 9:18 pm

DNC surprise guest will be comedian Sandra Bernhard talking to an empty coat hanger.

Professor: Clinton is a master of charm-speak. It’s going to sound like a “10”, but careful analysis will place it at a “1”. It depends on the definitions!

Maybe Clinton will bring props along like Eastwood.
He could have 3 or 4 suitcases sitting there on the side of the podium. With a copy of The New Yorker opened conveniently to the article that caused the uproar the other day.

Conservative Beaner | September 4, 2012 at 9:36 pm

Sure Clinton will have Obama’s back. The question is will he have an empty hand or a knife in it.

Ah, yes. The Clinton charm with that “Ah, shucks” smile.

I agree with some of the previous posters. He will give the presence of “laughing” alongwith Obama. Yet, it will really be a “laughing” at. It’ll be subtle, very subtle.

10. He’ll give an old fashioned barn burner. He knows Obama is going down and doesn’t want any blame.

“Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?”

I’m confused…

do you mean in that bad, bad “Israel’s back” sense…???

I expect him to speak glowingly of “our” policies and his own economic record (forged in a different economy by compromising on policy with Republicans), and dismally of “their” policies of Romney & Republicans, and well of Obama but in terms which doe not sound quite as flattering on paper as they will in the speech.

There will probably only be a dozen sentences which would need to be changed to give the same speech about himself, or Hillary, or any other prominent Democrat.

Clinton could be a loose canon but then there is that nagging “effect” that every time that a democrat criticizes the anointed one, they feel remorse the next day.

I won’t be watching as I prefer to watch Raymond re-runs or something similar.

This whole democrat affair is repugnant to any sane rational being…

    WarEagle82 in reply to GrumpyOne. | September 4, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Are you talking about the DNC or Clinton’s “date” from last night?

      GrumpyOne in reply to WarEagle82. | September 5, 2012 at 5:26 am

      Both I guess…

      The convention of out-of-step out-of-tune democrats should be repugnant to any rational being.

      Bill Clinton will never mention that he was dragged kickin’ ‘n screaming towards a balanced budget back in the mid 1990’s and of course his foreign policy of appeasement which ultimately led to the events of September 11, 2001.

      Democrats are NEVER accountable…

theduchessofkitty | September 4, 2012 at 10:41 pm

“Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?”

I’m voting “Present” on that one…

This may be way, way more like the DNC convention than the DNC convention. Talk about art imitating life. Is the convention a parody of this or the other way around?

Bubba will attempt a “progressive” version of Eastwood’s empty chair schtick.

I suppose it will depend upon whether the Clintons think that Hillary has a shot in 2016. If they do, then Bill’s speech will be so effusive and slobbering in its praise that viewers will need to wipe themselves off with a towel afterwards. For Hillary to win in 2016, she cannot be seen in any way sabotaging Obama. Remember: in 2008 she had almost all of the name recognition and early momentum while Obama was in single digits in the polls, yet she still lost. Don’t think that is not in the backs of the Clintons’ minds.

It may come as a shock to most people, but many liberal Democrats loath and despise the Clintons. They view the Clintons as many non-Democrats do: as a pair of small time grifters who in 1992 pulled off the ultimate scam. In defending Hillary’s sexual predator husband, the feminist movement destroyed itself as a political force. The current “war on women” is only a shadow of the terror feminists could unleash twenty years ago.

DNC: “The Government is the only thing we all belong to”. Doubling down on the You-Didn’t-Build-It meme!!!

I think of the national Democratic party (this includes the MSM), as a pack of wild animals. The pack will generally fall in line if the leader is strong and, more importantly, winning. The problem with the current state of the party is that the current leader does not compare well with the old leader. This can lead to problems.

Let’s look at some interesting tidbits.

1) I don’t know what sort of internal polls they are getting at the White House, but when you look at recent actions they look a little desperate. Much more desperate than they should be with what the propaganda arm, the MSM, of the Democratic party is telling us that the polls show.

2) Clinton, as an insider, is probably aware of the internal polls.

3) Via Instapundit, we see that the MSM isn’t completely happy with Obama.

4) Clinton and Obama really don’t seem to like each other. Clinton might still be carrying a grudge from 2008. Hillary will be thousands of miles away from the DNC convention, and supposedly out of collataral damage range.

With these four bits of information, I predict that Clinton will give a very good speech that most Democrats will love. I also predict that there will be one “misspoken” error that will remind the MSM that Obama isn’t as strong as they think. Maybe a reference to the “you didn’t build that speech” that the media views as a huge blunder on Obama’s part. The fact that Elizabeth Warren will be on before him gives him the perfect opportunity to bring it up. On accident, of course.

Cover the pot and simmer for a week or two. If the internal polls don’t show a bump (we all know that they external MSM polls will have one), the media will really begin to doubt if they should throw what is left of their credibility in with Obama’s re-election. If Obama makes another “you didn’t build that” unforced error, then I predict that the media will turn on him. They will try to salvage what they can of their credibility and then try again in 2016.

The democratic TV should labeled MA for “Don’t try this at home” Politics.

“Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?”

That depends on what the meaning of “have” is.

They have Clinton speaking in prime time on opening night of the NFL season with the defending Super Bowl champion playing against a division rival. I don’t know what he’s going to say, but I can’t see him having a very big live audience so they better hope it’s noteworthy enough to get people to watch it on the web Thursday.

Where’s the “Who cares, I’ve seen him talk enough for two lifetimes already. He won’t stray far (in the speech). Besides, there’s football on” option?

It depends what “supports” is.

I give it a 5 — he’ll damn Obama with feint praise, while Clinton hammers upon stating “principles” Clinton believes it.

In other words, it’ll be a Bill Clinton re-election speech, with Obama’s name thrown in as the cost of Clinton getting the spotlight.

Clinton will make the crowd feel good ,hopefull ,he’ll make them laugh ,as if the last 4 years never were. The blacks will feel ol Marse Moses Bill is back. Most will not notice the thin blade between the ribs that only bleeds inside. Barak will know , as will those attuned to the dog whistle. They will smile. He doesnt have to do it , its already written. He will do it because ; thats Bill.

Clinton will do just enough to still have the coffee delivered and the bags carried.

I’m thinking of damning with faint praise. Which would be more than what he deserves.

franciscodanconia | September 5, 2012 at 10:20 am

Slick Willy knows The Won is toast, he’ll do damage control in his typical, subtle, Mr. Awwwshucks way.

H. Clinton is in the Cook Islands this week. That should tell the media something.

Personally I don’t think that Hillary is going to be looking at ’16. I suspect she’s going to sit down and try to write a bestseller about being Obama’s S.O.S. and it won’t be complimentary at all. I suspect Bill knows what she’ll be up to and he won’t give Obama a rousing cheer.

    creeper in reply to bigmike. | September 5, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    I’m inclined to agree with you. I see no scenario in which Hillary has a chance at the White House. If Barry-O steals another four years the destruction of the Dem party will be complete. If Romney wins the economy is fixed and she can kiss 2016 good-bye.

    If the Clintons do see such a scenario, watch for Bill to do as little damage as possible to the Dem brand. If they’ve given up, look for the knife in Barry-O’s ribs.

    There will be clues in this speech as to where they’re headed. Watch for them.

I think Bill will give a good speech, and by doing so, (in fact, just his presence on the podium) will remind people very starkly the difference between Clinton and Obama, both in $$ terms and stature. Amazing that Obama has to go backwards to go “forward.”

If Bill wants the party to support Hillary in 2016, he has to give a good showing of the Democrat “brand”

I think he’s going to do that while not even mentioning Obama. That way if Obama fails, he’s not really a “democrat”

“Will Bill Clinton have Obama’s back?”


Only while he’s sticking a knife in it. 😀

It is curious that he wouldn’t submit his speech for monitoring. Only Bill could get away with this. They must need him desperately. And, with Bill, who knows what he will say.

    Estragon in reply to BarbaraS. | September 5, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    He is, for good or ill, a former President. It’s an insult to ask to “vet” his speech. I wouldn’t submit it either.

As much as we would all love Clinton to make some offhand remark to hurt Obama we can’t forget Clinton is a liberal Democrat and believes in everything Obama is doing. There’s nothing in for Bubba to stray off the reservation and Bubba never does anything that isn’t to his advantage. He likes to make a little stir now and then with TV interviews but when it comes to the convention he not only believes the party line he’ll forward it as long as he doesn’t think it will hurt him. Just like Obama it’s all about him. You have to think this way to be a liberal because liberal policies harm others.