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Pick your talking point

Pick your talking point

From reader Cat:

Seen in Sanford, Florida today.

Who knew PT Cruisers could be such great rolling billboards?



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There is one small, empty spot in the lower right hand corner. How about an “O” with a line through it?

The problem with having that many bumper stickers is that people could agree with every single one of them, yet still be left with the impression that the car owner is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Put together this from the stickers:

We the People: Don’t Believe The Liberal Media and so we’ve determined Not (To Be) Silent Anymore. We the People: Tell The Truth and are proud to say We Salute Our Troops and as Proud 9.12ER(s) we demand that our government Cut Spending Now, institute a FairTax plan, and, as well, Stop Obamacare. We the People: supported Ted Cruz, so it ought not shock you that we were for Allen West for President in 2012. Nevertheless, We The People: Are Ready To Defend (Our) Country Against (Our) Government! We The People: request Please Watch Glen Beck.

I live within a few minutes of Sanford: I have a Mitt, Romney/Ryan, Socialism is good until you run out of other peoples money and…Put down the teleprompter and back away from the Whitehouse on my car. Florida is really not showing a lot of love towards Obama.