Consider this Pep Talk V.

Every 3-4 days for the past several weeks there has been a mass media pronouncement that Romney has lost:  When Paul Ryan was nominated and false “fact-checks” purported to declare him a proven liar.  When Clint Eastwood took the stage and presented the perfect metaphor for the Obama presidency, an empty chair.  When Mitt Romney did not get enough of a post-convention bounce.  When Obama got a post-convention bounce.  When Mitt Romney spoke the truth about Obama’s collapsing Middle East policy and proclivity to sympathize with the hurt religious sensibilities of anti-American Islamists, and the media lost its mind.

And now that a tape has been released that shows Romney stating an obvious truth about the dependency state, although as Romney said, not very elegantly.  The media is giddy with delight.

The collapse of job growth, staggering debt, a failed and destructive Middle East policy, the likelihood of a nuclear Iran, an Israel which will not survive a second Obama term … none of that matters to a media which openly is advocating for Obama.

You can let the media win, or you can double your efforts to defeat a President whose reason to be is to lessen U.S. influence in the world, to reduce the country to just one among many, to impose a European-style socialism, and yes, to create a dependency state in which the Julias of the country look to government as savior.

If Obama’s vision is your vision, then give in to the media hype, get demoralized, and start piling on Romney.  You will have company among some “Republican” pundits.

If Obama’s vision is not your vision, then none of what is going on should matter.  Whether the tape hurts Romney is irrelevant.  Was this fight ever about electing Romney?

Defeating Obama is a fight which needs to be fought with everything you have, regardless of who is winning the media narrative.

The media was stunned in 2010 because they believed their own spin and expected that the rest of the country did too.  We know better.  The spontaneous outpourings of protest by the people the media hates — at Chick-fil-A and with empty chairs — show that you are not alone.

Fight below the media radar.  Turn November 6 into the biggest shock of their lives.