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Oh, he will remember this

Oh, he will remember this

So you better defeat him, or he’ll keep that promise from 2008 to bankrupt you.

From Patrick:

Saw this one at a Home Depot in Marion, (Southern) Illinois. No, we are nothing like Chicago.



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…..sigh. Patrick not ALL Chicagoans are in love with uuuuhbama. Trust me : ).

Good news–I’ve only seen ONE bumpersticker for him in the suburbs. Four years ago, we were loaded with them!

I visited family in Springfield last month and noticed an absence of Obama signs or stickers as well.

Unless I’m mistaken, he didn’t make a stop at the Fair, did he? I got to town the day after they booed out the Governor on Democrat day.

I like LARGE bumper stickers for the visually impaired:)!

starting to see Romney signs on the doors here in the canton area of Baltimore.

Thought that would never happen.