Violence continues to erupt across the Middle East and North Africa today following the attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya on September 11 that killed the ambassador and three others Americans. An interactive map of the violence is available from National Journal detailing where and what is occurring.

In a press conference today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said there was “no actionable intelligence” in advance about the attack on Libya, and refused to comment on whether U.S. relations with the Muslim world have improved since Obama took office.

Carney was questioned over whether the White House had asked YouTube to pull the anti-Islam film, blocked by google, that the media has been fixating on as the reason for the Middle East violence. Carney said that they asked YouTube to review the video to see if it violated their policies. YouTube had already said earlier this week that it did not violate any policies.

President Obama’s “lead from behind” strategy in the wake of an attack on U.S. soil continues despite conflicting information about whether the attack on the embassy was coordinated in advance. According to the State Department website, “any attack on an embassy is considered an attack on the country it represents.”

And yet, the official Obama twitter feed today was focused on Olympics and Beyonce and Jay Z:

Paul Ryan gave a speech to the Values Voter summit today where he said that Obama is “skilled at striking heroic poses against imaginary adversaries.” America was attacked this week, enough about Beyonce and Jay-Z, President Obama.