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NYC, NYU and Chick-fil-A — fast food with a side order of unconstitutional bullying

NYC, NYU and Chick-fil-A — fast food with a side order of unconstitutional bullying

I’m pleased to announce another fine addition to the College Insurrection team.

Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an attorney with deep experience in constitutional and higher education issues, has become a contributer to CI.

His first post is The New Liberal Orthodoxy: NYU Unconstitutionally Pressured to Expel Chick-fil-A Over CEO’s Opposition to Gay Marriage.

If you are not checking CI daily, you’re missing out on some great information.

We have a recent post about a wacky feminist prof who insists she has the right to nurse her child in front of the class, so it’s not all highbrow stuff.


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Wow, Prof., I am impressed.

Hans Bader is a BIG get.

Does the NYU ‘nursing professor’ also have the right to perform other bodily functions in front of the class?

It’s about reason and reasonable.

The homosexual behavior has no redeeming value to either society or humanity. While it constitutes evolutionary dysfunction, it may likely be tolerated before reaching some critical mass or effect. However, it does not meet the criterion for normalization.

As for the nursing mother, she should consider a reasonable alternative (e.g. temporary leave of absence) which does not unnecessarily alter or distort the environment in which she teaches. The objective in the classroom is to transfer a specific knowledge or skill. The mother/teacher does not have a right to appropriate the space to meet her needs and to subordinate the principle interest and purpose of the classroom.

    Ignorant in reply to n.n. | September 11, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    This woman had better be careful in NY. If her breasts hold more than 8 oz. each, or more than 16 oz. in the aggregate, she may be cited for child abuse. If thirstbusters are involved, she might be deemed a public health hazard.

Would it be possible for your techie to make sign-ins to both sites simultaneous?