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Nothing to say

Nothing to say

BTW, College Insurrection is one month old.

Consider the blog open for now, tell me what’s on your mind.  ‘Cause I got nothin’ right now.

But in the morning, oh in the morning.

Then I will have a lot to say.

Check back early and often.  Trust me on that one.

Update:  I still have nothing to say, but Twila Barnes does.  She’s trying to raise money for another trip to Boston.  Give her a hand if you can.


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not much to say myself LOL
been working security on my site, so been tied up. funny…host one little 15 min video and fend off tons of attacks 🙂

    to put that in perspective, at one point I was blocking 100 ip’s per hour for almost 4 days from port scans when I posted that video that supposedly started all the crap.
    my logs rotate every 500 and rotated MANY times a day.
    tons of blocks from pakistan, turkey and a lot from korea too.
    settled down now, only 50 a day or so now.

That is a great tease……what could you have up for tomorrow?!

Does anyone else think that the last week was only bad for Romney because the media made it so….with twisting that doctored/edited video into a smear (he was 100% correct – that number actually represents approx. how many receive welfare/food stamps/unemployment). The media is the thing killing Romney, IMHO. But to say so is declared “whining” and making excuses. Please….spare me. Stating facts is NOT “whining” IMHO.

Anyone else agree? That’s all I’ve got. For now. 😉

    When I hear Chris Matthews yell, “My legs! I can’t feel my legs!” Then, I will know that Romney has won and, possibly, we have turned a corner, so to speak. Until such time, well it remains to be seen.

      Milwaukee in reply to ALman. | September 23, 2012 at 10:50 pm

      After one State of the Union address by 0bama Matthews said something like “He was so good I almost forgot he was black for an hour.” That is sooooooooooooo racist.

Romney should be hammering BHO on the Libyan situation. Demand answers about the security. Doesn’t BHO know Al Queida (sic) is still at war with us? Why is the FBI investigating and not the State Dept?? Where are the relentless messages, with specifics, about the most corrupt administration in American history? BHO makes the Grant and Harding administrations look like Boy Scout Jamborees.


Understanding — how they are factoring the media bias out of the current polling #MittRomney @MittRomney
Posted on September 23, 2012 by Kevin DuJan // 2012 Elections, Breaking News, Featured Content

[ Click above to embiggen: Screengrab of taken 9/23/2012 ]

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I think Romney’s ad should have been: “His own party knows enough to put Obama on mute – maybe you should too.”

Re: Romney’s taxes – I actually wound up in a discussion with a Lib on facebook – it came down to: if he’s not smart enough to cheat on his taxes, I don’t want him as president. And if he’s so crooked as to cheat on his taxes, I don’t want him as President.

Re: Romney’s 47%: with a group of Libs, it came down to every time I showed Romney was right (by citing official govt statistics), I was accused of ad hominem attacks.

Libs are starting to remind me of traumatized kids – they’re angry, they don’t know why they’re angry, but they definitely ARE angry. And so they’re easily manipulated into hating a cause or a person (without any reason they can articulate).

    ShakesheadOften in reply to radiofreeca. | September 23, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    It shouldn’t even be a discussion regarding “cheating.” If he can get a lower than 15% effective rate legally, we shouldn’t want him as president if he can’t minimize his taxes legally. Cheating doesn’t enter into it. It’s the tax system that needs overhaul, not Romney.

    Plus, people need reminding that he pays more than that since the funds have been taxed at the corporate level as well.

    Regardless, last I checked, the Secretary of the Treasury is an acknowledged tax cheat. Ask your lib friend if Timmy should resign.

    sablegsd in reply to radiofreeca. | September 23, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    They will never admit they are fools and extremely gullible. That is their problem.

I think that is a fine philosophy.

I believe we are here to enjoy ourselves, generally.

What could it be, prof? Cornell 45, Yale 6 [tee hee hee]

I do not understand why more has not been made of the differant economic relative success of the red state model as opposed to blue state failure. What success Obama has claimed has largely occured in red states.

I heard Scott Brown being interviewed at the Big E today on Springfield, MA tv. The Big E is an agricultural fair that has morphed into a fried twinkie eating, country singer extravangza. Yes, blue MA has its share of rednecks.I have a hard time envisioning Granny Warren visiting the Big E.

I am moderately optimistic that Romney will win the election but am pessimistic about what will happen after that, in the short run, at least. If Romney wins, despite Democratic efforts to commit fraud, it will be seen as a huge repudiation of “affirmative action” and all those now dependent on federal largesse, or who hope to be (not just minorities), will be enraged. There will be wide spread civil unrest and the left will find some bogus argument to blame Romney, thus attempting to weaken him politically at the very beginning of his term.

Cities will burn and domestic use of the military will be required.

I hope I am mistaken. I’d be interested in others’ thoughts on this prediction.

    sablegsd in reply to nomadic100. | September 23, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    I think ovomit is going to install Martial Law. There won’t be an election.

    I guess my pessimism trumps yours. 🙂
    I pray I am wrong. I would love to be wrong. I would stand on the corner and let people throw rotten tomatoes at me if I am wrong.

    If they can offer apologies to Muslims over some two-bit movie, I’m sure that, should they occur, any civil disturbances will be explained in a similar fashion. The injustice of it all would be too, too much to withstand. Obama didn’t have a “fair” chance.

    You’re on to something, nomadic.

    And by making this election a referendum only on Obama’s economic follies and failures rather than on the larger issue of the Left and Leftism’s rise, by not waging a more sharply defined ideological campaign of conservatism vs. collectivism across the board, Romney, I believe, is actually increasing the chances for civil unrest.

    Romney is trying to win benignly. But does he really believe this will enable him to govern in a benign environment? Does he believe the Left will even acknowledge his victory or give him a chance? Yes — I think he believes this. I think he operates according to presumtions of power-sharing coexistence the Left does not share.

    No — a Romney victory will only mark the next stage in the Left’s siege against America. At some point someone on our side is going to have to accept that a war exists, define how we will fight it and take it to the other side. We are still stuck in a state of deluded appeasement.

    I hope I am mistaken. I’d be interested in others’ thoughts on this prediction.

    Instead of my thoughts, I offer a thought attributed to Stonewall Jackson and/or George S. Patton:

    Do not take counsel of your fears.

If Obama does win and if Obama care provides free prefrontal lobotomies, it is going to make the next 4 years much easier to take.

However, if they don’t and I have a choice I would rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy.

There were a couple of ladies next to me at a football game Friday night (in Texas) that want to travel to a swing state and help with GOTV- one with an important senate race as well. We narrowed it down to Virginia (first choice), Ohio, or Colorado (the closest) or possibly Florida. Can anyone recommend an organization for them to connect with? Freedom Works? Others?

    Make sure the ladies register to vote while they are there. I’m kidding but that’s exactly what the Dims do.

    fearandloathing in reply to parteagirl. | September 23, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    There are all sorts of organizations working on GOTV efforts in Virginia, starting with the campaigns themselves, various tea party organizations, college groups, local women’s groups, etc. My guess would be that the campaigns would be better able to welcome and incorporate out of state volunteers. Turning out voters in Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia and Richmond seems to be the focus, as those are the population centers.

Wow, take a look at this photo from Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio.

Sounds as though someone is getting “loaded for bear”!

Obama Supporters Asked Why They Are Voting For Him, Hilarity Ensues…

“Do you think he will eventually find and kill bin Laden ?”
“He should be put in prison ? He should be tortured …”

“Why did Obama pick Paul Ryan ? .. is it because he is African-American or because he is qualified ?”

“Why don’t you like Romney ? .. is it that he is a Muslim ?”

    DINORightMarie in reply to Neo. | September 23, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    What I find sad about that is that these people will vote Obama…..just because. They will show up at the polls, cast their vote, and maybe get a little swag from the assigned poll-person/community organizer who showed them where they are registered, maybe even walked them there! Or something. Too bad Stern didn’t ask if they are REGISTERED to vote! And, it would be nice if someone posted the voting date as Nov. 7th (I kid, I kid.)….

    And this is America?!?! What if these people are asked to vote early via absentee vote AND ALSO ushered into the polls by some Obama supporting comm. org. type (ACORN-by-another-name groupie)? Ignorant voter squared?! And who would stop it?! Voter ID is raaaaacist, doncha know.

    Who was it who said we must have an informed electorate, or we perish (or something like that)? John Adams? Ben Franklin?

I heard a great sermon this morning, ‘look at me.’ Life. Salvation. Hope. In Christ.