UPDATE – No new submissions being accepted for now, the response was so overwhelming that there’s already a huge backlog.

This will be a continuation of the photos after the first post, National Empty Chair Day (photos from around country), became too long.

There are so many submissions it may be a while before you see yours.

Here’s Drudge — totally crashed LI, so he relinked to Twitter right around the time we solved the problem.  Oh well.

Outside Insurrection HQ in Ithaca:

From Eva in Wilmette, IL:

Leslie Eastman, who is part of the College Insurrection team, submits this photo and also is collecting links at her blog:

From Georgane in Summerville, SC:

From Kahne in Houston, who writes:

Beignet the Pug is trying to tell the empty suit that her Mommy really would like a more favorable environment to build buildings, because she is an Architect and this has been the worst year in her career.

Houston’s unemployment rate is lower than the rest of the country, but has inched up over the last year. This photo is taken in my front yard, in the most liberal part of Houston, the Museum District, where I have the ONLY Romney bumper stickers on my car in my ‘hood’ (I have several neighbors that felt My car would be damaged because of the bumper stickers and they cower in their beliefs!) because I live in the artsy part of town, I’m sure that those passers-by my house will certainly “get” this as it is abstract Art!

LOL…..I love your sites and am an avid follower! Keep up the good work!

From Anne in Ridley Park, PA, who says “he doesn’t sit here.”

From commenter DINORightMarie in VA, her dog Jack and the chair: “the sign has a Romney Ryan 2012 image, the Branco Cartoon in center, and the Clint Eastwood quote at the bottom, from Sandy’s sign.”

From Charles on Amelia Island, FL:

From Paul near Jacksonville, FL, who writes: “Dear President, your throne awaits you…..NOT!”

From Scott in Tallinn, Estonia, who writes: “President Obama and I had a fireside chat today over lunch about his foreign policy mistakes. I think he was trying to speak Austrian.”

From Russell in Highlands Ranch, CO (I really like the colors in this):

From Phillip in Lillington, NC:

From Steve in Maumee, OH:

Fishersville Mike:

Michelle in Bozeman, MT, writes: “My high school senior put out this chair and snapped a picture of it for you.”

From Carolyn in Virginia Beach, a photo she calls “An empty suit in an empty chair”

Juli in Ontario, California sent this close up, so that we were sure to see the text:



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