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Let this weekend motivate you even more

Let this weekend motivate you even more

So is the panic over yet?

It shoud be, because there never was a reason for panic to begin with.  Operation Demoralize went viral at the urging of the mainstream media, some Republicans and conservatives caught the fever, and for a weekend people lost their minds.

Remember what got us here.  Has any of that changed?

Joel Pollak posts at, We have not yet begun to fight:

But we have not yet begun to fight–and if we go down, we go down fighting.

Pollak links to this video of Andrew Breitbart (language warning):

The Dog Whistle election, that’s for sure. All of this was predictable, so don’t fall for it.

Keep pushing with everything you have.  It’s working, or the other side wouldn’t feel the need to keep telling you it’s not, they’d be content to let the election play out.



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About the only thing I found to be dismayed about is how dismayed…how readily dismayed…a lot of people got over this blitz of lies.

Oh, and about how poor-mouthed so many people got over Romney saying what he’s always said…and which a lot of much more conservative leaders have said.

If you disagree with Levin, do so with facts.

Like I’ve written here before, NOBODY we elect is going to get our automatic support or passivity. We have to MAKE them do right. WE have to be militant.

And optimistic…and tough AND principled.

    persecutor in reply to Ragspierre. | September 10, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    As I’ve said since it became clear that Romney was going to be the nominee, he’ll get my vote and he got a donation on the day SCOTUS ruled.

    At the end of the day, he needs my vote(which he’ll get) and G-d willing, he’ll need to earn it again for 2016 by doing the right things up to that election.

People forget the landslide of 2010 and the fact that all pertinent indicators have gotten worse for Obama since then, not better.

I have been over at Ace’s site for most of the weekend, cannot stand the whiners and the wailing at other blogs. We were just talking about OFA hiring people with the express purpose to go to conservative blogs and websites to depress the conservative and republican vote. The Obama internals are not looking good in the swing states and they are trying to change the momentum away from Romney by manufacturing doubt. Don’t believe it.

    heimdall in reply to heimdall. | September 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Thank you Professor for not falling into it. By the way, Connecticut Senate race was moved from solid D to lean D by the Washington Post. McMahon is going to make a strong showing there and probably win it since she is such a good candidate.

    The PPP poll is udder crap by the way for anyone who cares. They oversample women, have the electorate at 2 percent more Democrat than even in 2008, and suppress the independent vote percentage in order to jack up the Democrat vote D/R/I makeup. Udderly crap. You might as well swing 8% to Romney’s vote total in that poll to get a more accurate picture of the situation. In addition, even without all the other problems, the poll has 5% undecided STILL after a three month barrage from the Obama team. That is some really poor bang for your buck for the Obama team that there are still undecided in Ohio after what has been done there.

      Ragspierre in reply to heimdall. | September 10, 2012 at 1:46 pm

      “The PPP poll is udder crap…”

      Which a good milker is careful to wash off before proceeding…!

      But, YEAH…a lot of polls are generated SPECIFICALLY with an agenda to forward.

So last week, news gets out that Gallup is going to be sued by the DOJ, then over the weekend, Obama surges to the lead with an approval rating that climbs to 52%?

Is that just a coincidence?

Gallup suit and super positive polls, coincidence, yeah right! I’ll still work to get our people elected, but it really, really would be nice to see some campaigning with gusto! That makes such a difference for the people doing the drone work.

Let’em think they’re winning, big time.

The more they think it’s in the bag, the lower the turnout of the less than enthusiastic Obama supporters. Go ahead, lapdog media, tell everyone how Obo the Clown has the election locked up.

Then, a repeat of 2010.

I am not sure why people think Health Care is a winning issue for Romney. He is for covering pre-existing conditions, which basically abolishes private insurance. He is for covering people’s kids as long as the family needs to cover them, well into their 20’s or 40’s depending on how you interpret his statements.

Every time you bring up Health Care, a lot of other conservatives get really mad about Romney. Seriously DON’T TALK ABOUT HEALTH CARE. We gave up the issue when Romney got the nomination. Beyond all else it is the primary reason why I will not support Romney in any way shape or form. Best you let people forget about how Romney’s Mass Plan is pretty much proto-OIbamacare. Your’s just making it easier to not vote for him. There is a reason why the media selected him as the Obama challenger, because having him took away our most potent issue.

BTW – be on the lookout for Eeyores and other negative blog commenters here.

This blog has gained in both notoriety and clout over the last few weeks and months, thus it is a target of the left.

The OFA zombies have been released – don’t fall for their troll BS and Eeyore downer spiel. (How many metaphors can I mix in one sentence?! Ha! jk jk)

Ever. Vigilant.

Um, Romney is a poopy head. Obama is like a bronzed Roman god. Republicans, er, I mean RepubliKKKans are all racist and…..

Naw, can’t do it. I’d never make for a troll.

Unemployment is at 8.1% and more likely to rise than fall by November, since seasonal work sees lay-offs in the fall. Every month +300,000 people simply drop off the rolls, gone from the work force.

Gasoline prices stand at $3.80 or so across the land. They were about $1.90 when Obama took office.

The average US household income has dropped a whopping 10% since Obama took office.

Health insurance premiums continue to sky rocket.

Food prices are rising.

The list is endless.

These are all in-your-face problems for those Americans who’ve struggled with any or all of them on a daily basis for four long years. There is no spinning them. Oh sure, they try, but the American who can’t find a job, can’t afford to drive a car, had to drop insurance or go to a catastrophic plan with a deductible literally unmeetable without a catastrophe, and had to stand by frustrated and angry while the family’s combined income slowly disappears – that American is not going to be told ‘the private sector is doing fine, nor that America is on the right track, nor that Obama merits another term to further his wonderful policies and plans. That dog won’t hunt, and that American will vote for change all right – a change in incumbents.

For president, the GOP candidate is Mitt Romney. Regulars at this particular blog might do well to recall that Professor Jacobson backed Newt Gingrich, as did many of us. In fact, many of us can attribute our status as regulars here to the very fact that WAJ backed Gingrich. We all tore Romney up pretty good during the primary season. That season is over. Romney, like him or not, is the only candidate with any shot whatsoever at defeating Obama.

Though Romney has served as governor of Massachusetts, lost a race for the US Senate, and the 2008 primaries for president, his background is as a businessman, and his record there is ‘sterling’ (h/t Slick Willy). As a businessman, Romney’s base instinct is to identify and then move to his market, whatever it is, depending on the venture he is pursuing. This is proper and good business. Unfortunately, when a politician does this, it justifiably leads to a reputation as a ‘flip-flopper’. Voters like politicians to proceed, within reason, on principle rather than political pragmatism or political opportunism. In Massachusetts, Romney’s ‘market’, politically speaking, was a sea of liberal Democrats. Somehow, for better or worse, he made it work. I suspect he got as much as he could for a GOP governor in Massachusetts. He knew his market.

In business, there are two basic markets – the existing market for whatever you’re selling, in this case, Romney himself as the candidate, plus the market you can create. The existing market for Romney in this race is the set of GOP voters, running the gamut from TP-ers to the RINO-minded. That alone is a very wide spread. The created market, hopefully, will be what may come to be called ‘Romney Democrats’ if Romney is successful – those who voted for Obama in 2008, but switched to Romney/GOP for 2012. It is certain this market is exploitable, the only question being to what degree, and whether that degree is sufficient to effect a victory.

I cannot imagine a GOP registered voter – across the whole spectrum from TP-er to RINO supporter – voting for Obama. In that sense, Romney has solidified the GOP, or rather, Romney has a solidified GOP. Getting that vote out is the single most important task towards gaining a Romney victory over Obama. So who’s left? Those independents and Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 and now regret or question that decision, if only quietly, in their own hearts and minds. Get the GOP vote out and win a sizable percentage of the regretful former Obama voters, and we’re looking at a landslide.

I suspect very few of those voters – independents and Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 – did so purely because Obama was black and history could be made. They must have agreed with some part of his stated agenda and platform and the black thing took them over the decision edge. As we know now, Obama’s word ended up meaning little, his race no longer carries historical import, and those parts of his agenda that pleased the independent and/or Democrat voter have not come to fruition for the most part.

All this is a build up to my sense that Romney’s team has a plan to appeal to the indy/Dem/former Obama voters, and that the plan, in part, involves cherry-picking a few Obama ideas, like parts of Obamacare Romney endorsed yesterday (pre-existing, keeping adult children on policy). Now, I’m certainly not going to tell others how to regard this plan, if such it is, but I will say this: I have very little influence on the Romney campaign plans. Actually, I have none beyond financial donations. None of us do. If I accept -and I do – that Romney is the only candidate who can beat Obama, and I accept – and I do – that I have no influence on Romney’s campaign plans, and I accept – and I do – that only voting for Romney will help defeat Obama, then I must also accept that at some point I must invest trust in what the Romney team is planning, trust that they know their existing market and know how to create a larger market, the aforementioned independent and Democrat former Obama voters. Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan went a long way to establishing that trust. I cannot envison Ryan as a sit back and say nothing Vice President, while a victorious Romney goes on to govern only slightly right of Obama, et al, ignoring everything Paul Ryan stands for and brings to the table.

For me, the time is here – we’re less than two months out now – and I have to trust Romney and get on with it, doing what I choose to do to help defeat Obama (mostly TP grassroot stuff and donations). I see little point in my criticizing or bewailing perceived imperfections in Romney. Others may, to each his or her own. In a nutshell, Romney won the primary, he’s our guy, I choose to trust his team, and I’m all in.


It’s called Poll Fiction – what the political pollsters are writing. It’s gone from WOW (War on Women) to WOP (War on Pollsters) see DOJ is suing Gallup.

Laura Ingraham fell for this Poll Fiction. I don’t visit Hot Air or Ace often – they are easily duped.

Here’s another take on those polls numbers: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Ohio Now Turning To Romney – Polling Data 101


Here’s the truth: No – “too close to call”; “neck and neck”; “toss up”; “anybody’s race”; “down the middle”; etc

The purpose of such LIES is to allow VOTE FRAUD to flourish; encourage DEM enthusiasm; disappoint Conservatives!

R & R: Have captured the majority’s hearts.
Have won the “money race” by tens of millions”
Get crowds wherever they go.
Are cheered and mobbed by SUPPORTERS
Have specific, real-world PLANS which we want

Take on the HARD problems:
• new budget plans;
• avoid government waste/pork/fraud;
• support Medicare;
• repeal Obamacare;
• respect and lift up our military;
• adopt a CONSTITUTIONAL uniform Naturalization;
• rejection of racism and class warfare;
• deem FAMILIES critical

VISUALIZE VICTORY: Make supportive comments; “talk to your friends”; plan to drive people to vote; contribute what you can; send e-mails of encouragement; PRAY; and VOTE IN NOVEMBER.

I refuse to become discouraged. I am 65 years old and I have experienced many presidential campaigns. I have never experienced the quiet, but strong feeling I am getting from people that this is a watershed election. It is a kind of grim determination that this is our country, and we are not going to give it up without a fight. Look at the message of the “empty chair” and the response to it, look at “chick fillet” look at the recall in Wisconsin, and all of the elections we have been through. The people will have their way. We may not be saying a lot, but we are there, and WE WILL VOTE!!!! I do not see any crowing or smirking on the other side. They are whistling past the cemetery.In our bluer than blue town there is ONE Obama sign!

I don’t know why any pundit uses polling, unless they are trying to drive a specific narative. Polls, particularly ones based on a future event, are crap.

Almost one week ago, I predicted that the external polls of the Democrats would have a bump. This prediction was made prior to Democrats booing God, Obama’s supposed dull speech (I didn’t listen to it), and the horrible jobs report on Friday. Guess what, the external polls from the Democrat Propaganda Team, a.k.a “The Media”, show a bump for Obama. I’m shocked, shocked.

If you really want to guess the outcome of the race, look for other factors: 2016: Obama’s America, on its opening weekend was third for box office rankings, in summer and in fewer theaters. Seriously, that fact is huge.