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If you knew Harry, like they know Harry

If you knew Harry, like they know Harry

From reader Steven:

My wife, son and I traveled from the smokey environs of north east California (one of the few conservative areas in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) into Reno for a little shopping.

Caught up to this truck at a stop light and grabbed my phone for the picture before the light turned green. It took a moment to register the first time I saw the bumper sticker, I was just glad we got to the long red at the next intersection.

The trip into Reno was quite interesting, there were thousands of Hipsters (I guess they would be the modern version of hippies) gearing up for Burning Man. Haven’t seen that many heads in dreadlocks since . . . well . . . last time we happened to be in Reno right before the festival or whatever they call it. I included a link, I got a kick out of some of their utopian beliefs.


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On the rear window is either a USMC or NRA sticker.

I made several hours of election calls last night. Biggest impression from people I did talk to? There aint a lot of love for either candidate. From this very limited group Romney got the nod but with reluctance. The only Obama votes were the root hog or die crowd. They come off as bitter clingers. This small sample confirms the impression I have been building for some time in talking to people. Its probably why the polls are all jacked up. I’m hoping all this turmoil indicates the opening stages of a major political reshuffle in how we do govt.

It was probably Harry’s mom driving.

I don’t get it???

As an expert on Will Rogers (Will Rogers State Park and Will Rogers State Beach are just down the road) I can personally verify the veracity of this bumper sticker.