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If Obama wins

If Obama wins

this person wins.  Don’t let this person win.

Spotted in Ithaca at the Agway on Route 13, on a Kia Sorrento.

Which gets really horrible gas mileage.


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Bad MPGs is right! I clicked the link and found my Toyota Tundra (5.6 Liter V-8) gets as good or better. And it’s also made in America. (Mine was built in Princeton, IN in 2007. They’ve since moved down to San Antonio, TX.)

From the link: “The bottom line here is the engine is too small for the 5000 lbs it has to pull. “

Huh. I didn’t know liberal BS weighed that much. No wonder the economy is being dragged down.

No doubt this person goes along with the meme, “Those evil, greedy oil barons are buying all the elections!” Surely as you point out with their choice of cars, they are oil/gas lovers at heart, no? They just hate anyone with money….

I just looked up the gas prices for Dallas in Jan. 2009…$1.46/gallon!

More than the stock market, more than foreign policy, GAS PRICES is a
way to connect with low information voters.

Get a glass marker or shoe polish, and write on your back wind shield what
the gas prices were in your area on Jan. 2009. You don’t have to mention Obama-
it’s not necessary if you’re in hostile territory. Just write the gas price and the date.
People will get the message.

NC Mountain Girl | September 18, 2012 at 10:10 am

Carry a pack of post it notes and leave one on the pump each time you fill up.

I’ll take the GOP gas ‘n oil pigs over the nanny state progressive constitution busting lying liberal immoral whining slugs of liberalism any day!


What really gets me: the blind, unthinking HATE of the left. Non-leftists are not even capable of this kind of strident, vicious discourse, which is the norm for liberals.

If liberals are not servants of evil, they are certainly its willing and eager dupes.

I wonder how this person would score on maintenance of vehicle (regular servicing, checking tire pressure, etc) for preserving most efficient use of fuel. And, and, the other biggy: what sort of driving habits does the driver have. Are they ones that typically waste fuel?

From general observation, which is of course in no way scientific, the score wouldn’t be so good.