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How a Charlie Crist whisper could be reported

How a Charlie Crist whisper could be reported

And who knows, maybe it was:

“A former very senior Republican insider, who requested anonymity so that he could speak freely, told us that he has serious doubts as to Mitt Romney’s precipitous decision to criticize the President, and that Romney’s actions were his ‘Lehman moment’ akin to John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign in 2008 due to the financial crisis. This Republican insider believes that the Romney decision is ‘game over’ for the election, and that other savvy former senior Republicans, who also wish to remain anonymous, share his concerns.”

Update – Per the comments, there I go again. It should be perfectly clear from the wording of the post, this is not an actual quote from Charlie Crist that I know of, it’s a parody of the MSM reporting yesterday in which people hostile to Republicans may be cited as Republican sources. Do I really need to give these explanations?


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Ah, yes. The “senior” official who seeks anonymity and gained fame during his stint with Juan McRINO’s debacle of 2008.

Isn’t he one of the same “officials” who made it possible for Dear Leader to win?

When will the anonymous attacks on Ryan begin? That’s the next step, isn’t it?

Serious, Prof., you should either take down this post ASAP or “UPDATE” it to make clear it is parody. Otherwise, you are starting the very rumor you’re trying to lampoon.

“…that Romney’s actions were his ‘Lehman moment’ akin to John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign…”

Heh! FAR from a “Lehman moment”, I think the Romney reaction to this travesty is much more like a Reagan moment, taking it to the incumbant…and incompetent…M Tee Chair.

You would never have heard anything but self-satisfied chortles from the press over a “Lehman moment”.

As it is, they are in full headless chicken mode, dealing with this crisis and Obama’s concurrent refusal to meet with Bibi.

Double HEH!

“This Republican insider believes that the Romney decision is ‘game over’ for the election, and that other savvy former senior Republicans, who also wish to remain anonymous, share his concerns.”

Disinformation. BUT, if even if a scintilla of truth, time to take up arms (and of course legs, feet, heads)

The libs are getting REALLY desperate. Full on 1984 up is down rewriting of the truth. That more than anything else is giving me confidence.

NC Mountain Girl | September 13, 2012 at 10:36 am

Are some readers her that obtuse they don’t get the point that anonymous attacks by anyone labeled a former anything are usually just sour grapes to begin with. In the hands of today’s hyper partisan and incredibly short sighted media they deserve even less credibility.

Assuming its an actual assertion, Im reminded again how correct Shaw was years ago when he commented on perceptions:

When you prevent me from doing anything I want to do, that is persecution; but when I prevent you from doing anything you want to do, that is law, order and morals.
— G. B. Shaw

It simply amazes me how differently people view an event.
For some observers, they see the downside to what Romney said
To the rest of us Romney was simply pointing out some realities that our MSM chooses to ignore.

Im sorry to inform the Administration but there is no way to spin the recent events in Egypt and Libya as a positive for Obama. The voting public is seeing exactly what it hates to see: Mideast unrest and riots and killings.

When was the last time one of our diplomats was killed in action? Goes back to the 70’s.
There is no legitimate whitwash of that sad fact.
And of course its a Foreign Policy failure and at the least a security failure.
Another adage that fits: Its better to be respected/feared than loved.
That is the world we live in.

LOL. Now I get it. Ya had me Prof J

so much odd stuff happening over last few days I questioned if parody (as I suspected) or not, so I held off saying anything.
thank you for clarifying.

This is more of the “fair” reporting.

“Will Romney’s Foreign-Policy Fumble Doom His Campaign?”
Their timeline seems to leave out some of the conflicting WH statements, that came out even after the first reversal. Even Mara Liasson pointed this out on Brett Baier’s special Report.

Romney’s statement is now (successfully for 90% of MSM faithful) labeled as a foreign policy blunder. Obama’s sympathy for the devil, his foreign policy that gets people killed, is completely whitewashed.

What about the many Democrats that are denouncing Obama’s weak foreign policy? Obama fully owns these uprisings. His failure is evident, as the executive and commander in chief in dealing with these foreign leaders.

Obama also blundered in not having strong Marine security for these outposts on 9/11. Then after the first ambassador since 1979 is murdered, he heads off to Vegas, business as usual, only reading an unemotional scripted message from the podium, no questions. But the lapdog media takes this as their opportunity to attack Romney.

Or maybe MSM sees the need for a desperate attempt to deflect the image of Obama’s abysmal foreign policy failure. They see this could truly be Obama’s “emperor has no clothes” moment, so are launching a full diversionary counter assault on Romney. They hope they get away with it, while they cover up Obama, and hope the news cycle changes quickly.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | September 13, 2012 at 11:02 am

    btw, the sub heading was “As Republicans and Democrats alike judge his response to the embassy attacks harshly, this could be a turning point.

    But they did use the Buzzfeed quote “A senior Republican told BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith it was Romney’s “Lehman moment,” a reference to John McCain’s hasty reaction to the 2008 financial crisis — a turning point in the last presidential campaign.” Also Noonan, and pointed to some supporters of Romney’s actions.

    FOX has had a series of neutral parties AND Democrats that think Romney is correct, that appeasement is never the right reaction to radical Islam.

AMEN, Bill!!

ALL RINO-Testicular Concavity wearers are cordially invited to put socks in their flapping maws for the duration. I absolutely love the way you’re staying on-top of this, Dr.Jacobson. Thank you!

All are urged to listen to Rush today as I’ll guarantee he’ll be in Pluperfect Form on the subject of “muting Mitt” on these foreign matters.

To paraphrase our pres. “my bad”.

Steve Schmidt? Mark McKinnon? Michael Steele?

It is a parody. But that doesn’t make the narrative any less real. It’s up to Romney to form his own narrative. We can’t do it for him. His press conference was the best performance I’ve ever seen by him. Does he have the courage of his position and conviction? Then he’ll double down. If not, if he steps sideeways, equivocates, “clarifies”, there’s nothing we can do.

I think decent Muslims must have taken great comfort that a US politician would be willing to speak up for them. They want the same rights to speak that we have. Mitt Romney was timely, and he struck a nerve. Good for him.

There’s a cottage industry in the Middle East that produces excuses for outrage by Muslims. It’s roots can be found in the Hamas Covenant, which includes, along with huge doses of other blasphemy against Islam and Allah, an agreement to engage in an advertising campaign to convince Muslims that they have an individual religious duty to kill every Jew on the face of the earth, and to re-conquer every square inch of land ever held by a “Muslim” regime.

The last big incident like this was the Cartoon Wars, which started with a group of cartoons published in a small Danish paper, and a local Muslim community that did not get excited enough about it to suit some radical immigrants. Those immigrants made an outrage tour of the ugliest tyrannies of the Middle East, improving their story with “better” cartoons and lies about maltreatment of Muslims. The Cartoon Wars abruptly ended when people of ill will used demonstrations in Afghanistan as cover to start a riot, and the clerics in Afghanistan shut them down.

    Valerie in reply to Valerie. | September 13, 2012 at 11:37 am

    To be clear: I am a Liberal, not a Conservative, and I have voted mostly straight-party ticket for the Democrats until I caught Tom Daschle and co. trying to ride the war in Iraq all the way to the White House.

      NeoConScum in reply to Valerie. | September 13, 2012 at 12:08 pm

      Valerie…Sounds like you’ve “been mugged by reality”. Welcome. My segue over from DemoLand happened when Ronaldus Magnus ordered Libyan fighter-jets blown outta the sky when they were sent to harass some of our Navy F-14s. Then, a nice follow-up, was his killing part of Khadafi’s family-kin one night as a dandy READ MY LIPS. My heart soared with pride and I was an Evil Neocon Cabal Member. 30-years now.

      Even when I’ve disagreed with you, you haven’t struck me as intellectually dishonest or in denial.

This last Tuesday evening I commented to my family that beyond the ridiculous tweet coming from the Cairo Embassy there was mostly silence from the administration and MSM on the situation. The only person to speak on what was known so far was Romney. Then the situation deteriorated even worse with the problems in Libya. A pure pathetic response by our government through all of this. Hillary Clinton is monotone, Obama is too focused on staying in power. I watched the Romney presser yesterday until I was too disgusted to watch the media spectacle continue. I know it is like trying to throw dust in the face of a 40 mph wind, yet we deserve better from main stream media sources. We deserve the opportunity to evaluate information during a crisis or a serious campaign on who should lead our country instead of having a pied piper-type of media try and lead us over whatever cliff that fits their narrative today. We should demand better and I am grateful for LI as an alternative source and way to expose how the media game is played.

Ha! Well played, professor. Completely believable though.

[Snark] You mean it wasn’t David Frum? I’m shocked![/End Snark]

I understood exactly what you were getting at Professor. There are far too many RINOs and GOPE types that are actively hostile to critical analysis of President Obama’s executive weaknesses and outright failures. These are the types that think we have to win on “likability” and can’t win if we “go negative” because it will turn off the “independent” voter.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

This is going to be a base election (who can better motivate their base). 2008 was an anomaly in that Obama bamboozled the masses into believing his lie of hope and change.

Now that President Obama has a distinctly Marxist, Statist, Leftist and America-Diminishing record, those same independents MUST get slapped across the face with the fact that in the first 2 years of the Obama administration, with FULL DEMOCRAT CONTROL OF CONGRESS Obama pursued a path which did active damage to the fabric of these United States. The Republican electoral gains put into office in 2011 have been valiantly fighting to prevent any further decline, but in order to fix the issues must have control.

The GOPE and RINOs believe this is a loosing argument because they think it will cause the independents not to vote for the Republican candidate. I would be happy if the independents merely didn’t vote at ALL. This is so because, with few exceptions, the Conservative base is larger than the Liberal Base (we are a self-identified, center-right country), and the Conservative candidate (which is almost always the Republican) will win.

These GOPE and RINO types speak anonymously because they want to try to create the rumor so they can later say that they were right if Romney loses or think that they have a shot at a position in a second Obama Administration. They are deluded and we should pay them no mind except to determine who they are so that we can publically flog them out of the party.

1st rule of journalism: write it expecting a moron like me to read it.

[…] Any person who thinks Romney hurt his campaign with his critique is being dangerously deceptive and/… […]

Do I really need to give these explanations?

Aw, come on! You love pulling these tricks on us readers!

It won’t surprise me if you do the same thing in class, to keep your students on their toes.