And who knows, maybe it was:

“A former very senior Republican insider, who requested anonymity so that he could speak freely, told us that he has serious doubts as to Mitt Romney’s precipitous decision to criticize the President, and that Romney’s actions were his ‘Lehman moment’ akin to John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign in 2008 due to the financial crisis. This Republican insider believes that the Romney decision is ‘game over’ for the election, and that other savvy former senior Republicans, who also wish to remain anonymous, share his concerns.”

Update – Per the comments, there I go again. It should be perfectly clear from the wording of the post, this is not an actual quote from Charlie Crist that I know of, it’s a parody of the MSM reporting yesterday in which people hostile to Republicans may be cited as Republican sources. Do I really need to give these explanations?