Had I but world enough and time, I would follow up on each of the many excellent reader suggestions in the comments and by email as to sourcing the many and varied issues regarding Elizabeth Warren’s non-licensure in Massachusetts.

Issues such as obtaining her applications to various federal courts for admission, or as much as is publicly available, may result in some very interesting findings, much as her listing Cambridge as her “primary practice location” with the Texas Bar is significant.

Similarly, there certainly are many legal representations under the electronic docket radar.

But alas, I do not have world enough and time to track them all down.  As someone once noted, I do blogging in my spare time, and what I have on my plate already consumes all of that time.

So readers can help out, if they wish, at the new FOCUS page regarding Elizabeth Warren.  You can cross-post, so you can post both in the comments on a specific blog post, but also separately on the FOCUS page.

Please use that page to post information, links, tips, etc.  Please do not use it as a discussion board.

Confidential tips still can be sent to me by email (usual rules apply), but it would be extremely helpful if you were able to include the information (e.g. a document or link) rather than just suggesting I look into something.

There’s a lot more I have coming, but it would be helpful to hear from you at the FOCUS page.

Hopefully you have world enough and time.