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Fluke-Warren-Clinton stream of tweetedness

Fluke-Warren-Clinton stream of tweetedness

Last night was not as painful as expected.

I could not believe the Democrats put Sandra Fluke on in prime time. She was pathetic, a self-absorbed self-pitying self-ish caricature of the entitlement mentality.

Liz Warren was not on her game. The MSM is portraying her as giving a great speech, and maybe in the arena it played better than on TV, but I expected much more. Maybe I’m jaded because I’ve heard her “hammered” and “rigged” rhetoric so many times.

Bill Clinton was classic Bill Clinton. Making stuff up and throwing out so many stats it would take hours to verify each one, and doing so in a very endearing and folksy way. I doubt any minds were changed, but it was a flashback to times which were not as great then as they are portrayed now.

Here are some of the tweets I sent out during the speeches:


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Bill Clinton=the best the dims have to offer. A serial molester, rapist, liar and law breaker.

Elizabeth Warren=low on the totem pole (sorry). Just a liar. I haven’t heard of her raping anyone…except the Cherokees, of course.

Sandra Fluke=a nobody and a nothing. Unless you count a nymphomaniac as something. I have no desire to pay for anybody else’s sex life especially when I don’t have one of my own.

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    yeah shes raped us.

    They put Fluke on during HT of the Cowboys Giants game and put Bill Clinton on during the 3rd and 4th quarters. Talk about dumb!

      bjm in reply to EBL. | September 6, 2012 at 4:25 pm

      Back in Johnson’s day there was a saying that the Dems biggest weakness was that they circled the wagons and fired inside. That’s what we’re watching live on TV and the media thinks its a success!

    Midwest Rhino in reply to BarbaraS. | September 6, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Fluke put her hands in my pants, but all she grabbed was my wallet. I didn’t even get a thrill up my leg. I’ve been Fluked, and I had to pay for the condom.

Props to Kirsten Powers for her Fluke reaction: “I hope that any young girl who saw that Fluke speech has someone to tell her it’s a lie: women are powerful and have freedom of speech.”

and: “I find this speech so offensive as a woman. The idea that women are silenced victims.”

I think more perceptive voters will see the Clinton memorial speech as a case of big daddy Clinton stepping up to save Obama the out of allowance child.
If Obama could have reanimated FDR he would have in his vanity driven effort to attach his miserable presidency to something more positive.
If Romney were really running against Clinton? Hed have his hands full this morning.
Nice try Mr Obama but that magic act isnt going to work.

Cassandra Lite | September 6, 2012 at 9:04 am

Clinton: They lie, and free stuff!

Fluke: Pap & smear.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 6, 2012 at 9:10 am

Fluke really is a perfect Democrat. She lies as much as the rest of them.

I’m not going to waste time trying to find it now, but I’ve posted before the link from the House website about the Congressional hearing Fluke was not allowed to speak at. The title of the hearing made it clear the subject and purpose of the hearing was to discuss religious liberty issuse and matters of conscious – NOT CONTRACEPTION. That’s why every member of the panel was a priest, rabbi, divinity scholar, etc. and not feminist activists. From the beginning, Democrats tried to reframe the issue and highjack the agenda to make it about contraception. And here we are months later and they still want to pretend it was about contraception.

Second, Fluke falsely claimed there were no women on the “panel”. Flat out lie. There were no women heard in the morning session, but there were two women experts on religous liberty who spoke in the afternoon session of that hearing.

Will the MSM ever report any of this? Ha ha.

    9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to MaggotAtBroadAndWall. | September 6, 2012 at 10:44 am

    “The title of the hearing made it clear the subject and purpose of the hearing was to discuss religious liberty issuse and matters of conscious….”

    “Choice” as they define it is their religion. No wonder she thought she should speak.

The question I hope the viewers will ask. “Would I like to spend an evening with these commie / dem\media/bores ; let alone 4 more years?”

Professor, after watching Elizabeth (Runs With Liars) Warren last night I now understand why you are so determined that she not be elected to the Senate. This woman is terrifying.

I had not heard her speak before, so was unprepared for the depth of her delusions. The woman actually projects even more confidence than Obama while she’s telling a bald-faced lie. Were there still a shred of my former Democrat left in me I’d have swallowed her lies hook, line and sinker.

If she is elected to the Senate you can be certain that she will soon be running for the presidency. She will do exactly what Obama did…start campaigning immediately for the higher office. Dems will groom and promote her exactly as they did Obama. She is his heir.

(The only consolation I can find in this is that she’s going to run smack dab up against Hillary and Bill in 2016. That should be interesting…Obama vs Clinton, Round Two.)

As for Bill, for the first time in my life I walked out of a Clinton speech. I’ve been a Bill Clinton fan for twenty-five years and he managed to drive me away. Thinking about it this morning, I wonder if that might have been his objective in running fifty minutes.

One more observation. I think there was a message in the way he framed his opening sentences…”I want to nominate a man who…”. It was almost as though there were an unspoken line there…”But instead I’m nominating Barack Obama”.

Fluke was just disgusting.

It was so refreshing to hear an honest Clinton come clean. I was surprised when he gave Gingrich and the Republican Congress much of the credit for his second term success, after he moved to the center to win. He was gracious and didn’t mention how Obama instead has moved far left.

I was shocked when Clinton actually mentioned regret for the money he took from Enron, allowing the Madoff like scam to continue. He even praised Bush for doing the hard work of taking them down.

Clinton even admitted he rode tidal waves of the stock market bubble and the housing bubble, also leaving those debacles crashing on the doorstep of Bush’s years. He chortled a little, recalling all the capital gains taxes he spent, as Nasdaq broke 5000, 70% higher than it is 13 years later.

In his praise of Bush, he even chastised Democrats for blocking Republican efforts to reform Fannie and Freddie. He even called for investigations into the quid pro quos for Raines, Gorelick, Frank and a host of others.

He admitted that crash could have been avoided, and laid blame on Democrats and a few RINOs back in 2005, and their refusal to act. I was surprised he clarified, the question is not whether you are better off than four years ago, but six years ago, when Democrats (including Barack) grabbed the reins in Congress. The honesty brought a tear to my eye.

But most of all, I was awestruck when, on bended knee, Bill got down and begged forgiveness from all women, for his series of sexual assaults on women going back to his college days. It did my heart good to see the old impeached misogynist finally have his come to Jesus moment.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Midwest Rhino. | September 6, 2012 at 10:48 am

    I may have projected some of that, since I had to mute it after Clinton said how hateful and dishonest Republicans are, and how uniting and compromising Obama is. Come to Jesus Clinton is so much more enjoyable than the actual.

      This one paragraph tells me everything you need to know about the state of “bipartisanship” in DC …

      The book points out that the administration seemed unprepared for the road ahead, as demonstrated on election night in 2010. “Protocol dictated that the president make a congratulatory call to Boehner,” Woodward writes. “The trouble was, nobody in the White House had thought to get a phone number.”

      Simply, there is none.

      Two years into Obama’s term as President and the White House didn’t have the phone number of the House Minority Leader. Exactly, how did he expect to do any uniting with somebody that he doesn’t even have a phone number.

    I was also heartened when he at last confessed to and apologized for the cruel and perverse lie of the modern liberal project which, while swathed in the morally superior language of compassion and social justice, had in fact produced untold misery, poverty and social immobility for its lower-class “beneficiaries.”

      Midwest Rhino in reply to raven. | September 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm

      We need that Clinton impersonator to do a series of web ads as “Come to Jesus Clinton”, apologizing and telling the truth to counter liar liar pants on fire actual Clinton. He could honestly expose so many of the Obama lies and distortions, with humor and from an angle average people might consider.

      “I am not Bill Clinton, and I approved this truthful message” 🙂

9thDistrictNeighbor | September 6, 2012 at 10:43 am

Only by reading all of the tweets flying through cyberspace could I barely tolerate that evening. Professor, you must be a bit hung over with all that drinking….

Sandra Fluke was astounding, as in I am astounded she was admitted to law school. She cannot speak, let alone read a teleprompter. Every time the camera cut to the audience (including too many times by Fox to probably the only Sikhs in attendance) I could see the looks on mens’ faces as they thought…”yup, she’s easy”.

Elizabeth Warren was obviously given a time limit because Bubba goes off script…she just talked over peoples’ noise, which was fine.

Clinton was somnolent, as usual. I agree with some who suggested that it was the opening speech for the Hilary 2016 attempt.

Most telling for me, though, was the music played after Barry came out and hugged Bubba. The tune changed from Fleetwood Mac (Clinton’s ruined a perfectly good song…) to “I’ll stand my ground, no I won’t back down…” Gives everyone exactly what they need to know. If this guy wins, he’s going to just ram it all down, Constitution or no Constitution.

What a tortured mess the DNC was last night, lol.

Bubba Rule #1 – If Bill Clinton appears to be Earnestly Telling the Truth, it is only to set up the Great Lie.

Clinton kissed Bush I & II ass only to make it easier to blame Bush II for Obama’s failure: No president could have done better with the mess Obama inherited. Right.

“Last night was not as painful as expected.”

How many painkiller drinks were rigged up and hammered down?

More drinking than both content and context analysis of Clinton speech in this post from the Professor.

Fluke, it matters not what she spewed, its the fact they moved her to a celebrity position and celebrities can say anything without being held accountable.

Fluke fact:
Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn’t mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar. ~Edward R. Murrow

I was extremely let down by Sandra Fluke. Not one word about government funded sex changes!?

Something Important To Remember:

For all his alleged “accomplishments” (more-or-less forced on him by Newt & Co.) and “popularity,” Clinton never won a majority popular vote.

Perspective: Reagan got a clear majority in the 3-way ’80 race, 3/5 majority in ’84.

Clinton, and his so-called “achievements” are phony legends, no different than Silenced Victim Contraception Sandy and “Cherokee” (maybe she means the clothing brand?) heritage of Liz the Fake Injun.

I think Clinton’s speech was less helpful to Obama that the elite media would have us believe. I consider itthe Most MASTERFUL Piece of SABOTAGE Yet! Bill Clinton was #Eastwooding the DNC with his own empty chair.

It would have made no difference how well Clinton’s speech went, the media was going to treat it like the Sermon on the Mount.

I could only stomach a few minutes at a time, but what I heard was Clinton pointing out how much better he was than Obama at bipartisan cooperation to get things done.

Fluke—Warren—Clinton are each seated in the corners of a small room.

Three adjectives are placed in the middle of the room—professional, promiscuous, and prosaic.

As the starting gun goes off, who grabs which adjective?

She was pathetic, a self-absorbed self-pitying self-ish caricature of the entitlement mentality.

And yet you can’t believe they put her on in prime time?

I believe you answered your own question.

Fluke = Julia

What was missed that plays big in the examination of Elizabeth Warren’s War on the “rich” (or the 1%) is the unintended effects of Bill Clinton’s “millionaires tax.”

In 1993, Bill Clinton and the Congress pass a special “millionaires tax” directed at top company management (but there was a special exception for Hollywood and sports stars).

Companies responded by capping the salaries of management at $1 million, but proceeded to make up the “difference” with stock options. What resulted was described by PBS’s FrontLine as the “biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world” as roughly 10% of company equity passed from the stockholders (which include pension, retirement and mutual funds held by 90% of all Americans) to the top levels of management in the Fortune 500 companies.

This isn’t what Bill Clinton and the Congress had intended, but it is what happened. They had unwittingly enabled those at the top to become richer.

Ah, the GIMMIE generation in full cry. Government Is My Mother In Everything.