Last night was not as painful as expected.

I could not believe the Democrats put Sandra Fluke on in prime time. She was pathetic, a self-absorbed self-pitying self-ish caricature of the entitlement mentality.

Liz Warren was not on her game. The MSM is portraying her as giving a great speech, and maybe in the arena it played better than on TV, but I expected much more. Maybe I’m jaded because I’ve heard her “hammered” and “rigged” rhetoric so many times.

Bill Clinton was classic Bill Clinton. Making stuff up and throwing out so many stats it would take hours to verify each one, and doing so in a very endearing and folksy way. I doubt any minds were changed, but it was a flashback to times which were not as great then as they are portrayed now.

Here are some of the tweets I sent out during the speeches: