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Diversity and Man at Yale

Diversity and Man at Yale

We welcome John Rosenberg of the great Discriminations blog (which just celebrated its 10th Blogiversary) as a new contributor at College Insurrection.

His first post is Diversity, “Real Diversity,” And Double (Quadruple?) Counting At Yale.


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Let me be the first to welcome John:

Welcome, John!

And I’ll just repost the comment I made way over at CI.

My wife’s native Japan is one of the most racially homogeneous places on the planet … and yet also well known for its highly educated citizenry and workforce, contributing much to the world in high-technology industries.

Go to Japan and you’ll see secondary students often travelling quite far to get to school … it’s not like it is here where you simply go to the closest school.

There you can take the admissions test for any middle- or high school, public as well as private. You have true school choice.

And what is one good consequence? Schools compete, and the competition makes all of them better.

This religion of diversity in education is just too much. It always amused me that in Japan, the quintessentially Japanese cultural practices and institutions that westerners marvel at were mostly developed during the centuries when Japan voluntarilly isolated itself from the rest of the world.

Tell that to a lefty. All these cool cultural things that lefties drool over and crave to be a part of any celebration of diversity here in America … were born and developed in an environment characterized by a complete lack of diversity.

Can’t we just eat our waffle, take the test, and get in where our abilities at that point in time make us a good fit?