The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been steadily ramping up their efforts in North Carolina to undermine Operation Counterweight member, David Rouzer.

Throughout this election cycle, the incumbent, Mike McIntyre, has enjoyed a great deal of support from various Democrat PACs which have contributed more than half of his overall fundraising. Now, perhaps recognizing his vulnerability, it seems that more establishment Democrats are ready to pull out all the stops to keep McIntyre in.

Last month, the DCCC spent at least $50,000 in North Carolina to run a hit ad on Rouzer and it appears they’ll be increasing efforts to target their vulnerable incumbent’s challenger.

The Democrats are placing their bets, and they like Mike McIntyre’s chances, but appear to be growing skeptical about Larry Kissell’s prospects.

At least that is the takeaway from a Politico article about the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reshuffling their resources. The article says they are sending more money to McIntyre in his efforts to defeat challenger David Rouzer in the 7th.

The DCCC has already pulled back on two weeks of TV reservations in defense of Kissell who is being challenged by Richard Hudson in the 8th.

This level of national funding for a House race shows one thing: the Democrats are worried. They should be.

There have been two polls released regarding North Carolina race.

David Rouzer’s campaign released a poll which showed the two candidates in a statistical tie with 15% of voters still undecided.

In stark contrast, the McIntyre campaign’s poll had the incumbent leading Rouzer by 19 points.

Which of these polls to believe is ultimately up to you. But I think one need only look to the Democratic party to determine the validity of the Rouzer campaign’s poll. Would they really be pouring cash into a Congressional race where their guy is up by 19 points? More importantly, would they be diverting funds from other races to this one if the margin was so wide?

David Rouzer can win this race, but his largely grassroots fundraising is facing off against the Democrat machine. Please consider donating to the Rouzer campaign, and help him defeat Mike McIntyre.

The latest ad from David Rouzer: