If you have time to watch the entire interview, I encourage you to do so. It offers an in-depth look into Bongino’s policy positions and personal philosophy.

If you’re in a rush I recommend starting at 9:27, where Bongino address the question of class warfare and the President’s divisive rhetoric.

That 1% is never the same people. It’s not, there’s no such thing as the 1%. It’s not a homogenous class. He has to get you, at a deep, visceral level, to hate those people. So that when he says: they did it,” you believe it. When he drives home in a BMW and you’re in a Buick you say “I need to take the tires off his car and put them on mine because he took them from me.”

That is not the way economics works, it is not a zero sum game. That value added to society was not something he took from you.

Having received some high profile endorsements, such as those from the Senate Conservative Fund and Sarah Palin, Bongino’s fundraising numbers are up. However, despite these encouraging signs, Bongino has still only raised about half as much as his incumbent opponent.

With fewer than 50 days until election day, you can help Bongino flip the long-held Democratic Senate seat by donating to his campaign here.

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