I found myself wondering why the Council on American-Islamic Relations had been so quiet since the 9/11/ attacks in Libya and two dozen other Islamic countries.

Since the original 9/11 massacre, every time a Muslim shouts “allahu akhbar” while slaughtering innocents—or is prevented by undercover operations from doing so—CAIR has worried publicly about potential revenge against other innocent Muslims for the act of one, whom they anyway insist doesn’t represent the “real” Islam.

So doesn’t it seem curious that CAIR hasn’t been out front the last nine days condemning their co-religionists for violence and murder against otherwise innocent Americans for the perceived blasphemy of another American?

Here’s Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the organization’s Los Angeles chapter, based in Orange County:

“Violence like this in no way honors any religion or faith,” Ayloush said. “The extremists who carried out these attacks should be strongly condemned not only by Muslims but by all people of conscience.”

Ayloush also called upon people of all faiths to speak out against a “trashy” film that depicts the Prophet Muhammad in a demeaning, even sexual way.

If you think that his moral equivalency was just an accidental juxtaposition, hang on for clarification:

“Whether it’s extremist Jews or Christians who make such films and promote them, or extremist Muslims who riot and murder and commit violence against innocent people, … the discourse should be run and promoted by people of faith, with messages of unity and harmony,” Ayloush said.

Got that?  Producers who make films that Muslims don’t like are “extremists” on the same level as those who commit murder.  This from an organization that portrays itself as moderate and tries to depict Islam as peace-loving.

Poor Ayloush.  It must be tough to put a pretty, public-relations face on a religion which apparently teaches its adherents that they’re entitled to spill blood when someone inflames their tender sensibilities.