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Branco Cartoon – They Built That Chair

Branco Cartoon – They Built That Chair

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TrooperJohnSmith | September 1, 2012 at 8:45 am

The Economy. It’s the 900-pound gorilla turnip under the Democrats’ all-inclusive, all-things-to-all people, Free Stuff for your vote, Big (rainbow-striped) Tent. The big news on The Economy is that… there ain’t one. It’s MIA.

So, at the DNC Convention, we’ll hear about ‘dog whistles’ (which is a DNC ‘dog whistle’ for the Active Race Card), GOP Extremism, Free HealthCare (paid for by taxpayers, aka Republicans), abortion on demand, 28 Straight Months of Job Growth (the only mention of ‘straight’ in the DNC platform) and ‘Bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive’. Oh, and you’ll hear Clint Eastwood trashed to hell and back.

Joe Biden won’t speak because they have him either heavily medicated or replaced with an old lady from Destin, Florida, who looks like him, except she has more hair and fewer straight evenly-spaced white bright teeth. So, if you see Joe answering to the name of Diedre, it’s the latter scenario.

Note: This post is race-neutral and has been written and sanitized to remove or replace all GOP ‘dog whistle’ words.

    counsel4pay in reply to TrooperJohnSmith. | September 1, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    ANOTHER GREAT TROOPER POST. My .02–worth less every day

    “The RNC Convention Made Us Think–How About You?”
    (Dedicated to “The Empty Chair”)
    Did you think it enough to be “likeable”?
    Did you believe it sufficed to be “cool”?
    You once promised command of the land and the seas,
    For four years you have played us for fools!
    Bernanke’s abusing his printing press, .
    Geithner (tax cheat) never had one good plan.
    And we found you’d betrayed us and lied to us.
    When you claimed we’d “unite” at your hands!
    You still haven’t a clue as to what to do,
    To make jobs, spend much less, calm our days.
    So you get up and turn on your Media whores,
    And go golfing in a Choom** induced haze.
    You made food stamps a “virtue”, you degraded our fisc*,
    You bowed lower and lower each day.
    To the tyrants and despots whose great goal in life,
    Was to kill the American Way.
    You said, “I’ll do it in three or I’m outta here”;
    Now you say “I just need another four”.
    Since you spit on our seniors and crippled our land,
    We’d be crazy to allow you do more!
    * Fisc = the treasury of a nation – see “national debt” rating downgrades.
    ** Choom = both a noun (marijuana) and a verb (“to smoke marijuana”)
    Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama aka Barrack Hussein Obama aka … CREATED NEW WAYS TO GET HIGH. See,
    obama. These included BOTH marijuana and cocaine aka coke aka blow aka “Barry Fuel”…

And a powerful new meme is born…Pres. Empty Chair.

I LOVE that Eastwood Alinskied Obama. LOVE IT…!!!

    Clint Eastwood made James Lipton very sad! Lipton thinks Eastwood mocked the office of the President. Of course, I do not remember Lipton ever defending George W. Bush.

      Ragspierre in reply to EBL. | September 1, 2012 at 10:37 am


      Here’s another data point, too: the split among Florida voters to Eastwood’s speech was 49% positive to only 24% negative by the next day — presumably even after the avalanche of criticism for it. The overall split is positive in almost all demos except Democrats (30/45) and liberals (26/58). Majorities of independents (51/26), seniors (54/20), men (54/24) approved of it, but the biggest positive response came from Hispanics, 62/21 — even better than Republicans (58/12). Even women (44/25) and black voters (43/37) liked Eastwood’s extemporaneous riff on President Obama.

      (h/t HotAir)

Clint’s Empty Chair …. Inspired Genius Or Accident ?

Please remember people, Obama wants to punish the USA economically, militarily, and diplomatically. 20% unemployment is what he wants. He wants the USA to be completely dependent on foreign sources for food and fuel.

At the 1st I thought “Oh my god , what is this ,Clint is gone. As the bit went on and Clint got into it I found myself laughing. I dont know if the befuddled old man gig was acting or how he is but it was briliant. I’m 66 and as you get older you develope a routine to help you deal with damn fools and entertain others. As he looked to and talked to the empty chair in his mind he was anticipating and talking to a damn fool. The body language and facial expressions were all there. If Romney wins I think this will be a factor , probably more than anyting Romney could have said. In the future I suspect it will be seen as one of Clints finer performances.

Oh the chair; it is under the skin, in the heads of, and inside the ooda loop of the left.

Man they are lashing out at it, and Clint. You know you’ve hit the mark when the other side loses its mind.

I think their responses to this are going to be ever better campaign material, until (and if) they wise up and just drop it.

franciscodanconia | September 1, 2012 at 10:41 am

Very funny.

Branco on a roll !!

Love it, my man!!

Personally I read better and more creative Conservative garbage from nerds. I think that Clint Eastwood became confused and thought Pres. George Busch was in the chair. The Rebloodricans will be dissatisfied with Clint Eastwood when they learn the his remaining political philosophies. Shall we consider the many reasons why George Busch was not invited to the Republican Convention. Ans. They were extremely embarrassed his his performance in office. No one will own up to the disaster of his presidency except symbolically. Another problem during the Mitt Romney speech is that he didn’t give the military any respect in his speech. Why should he they’re not CEOs. Oh, he gave no reference of the military less praise. You can tell what’s on his mind, M-O-N-E-Y. The only trickle down money will be in the fat cats pockets. The scraps will go to the 99%. What a plan to repay his fellow Financial CEOs for future favors. Good luck America to vote for the worst of two evils, Mitt Romney.

“The Demo Rats Gather for Payoff Convention”

Let us shout, Hallelujah, “THE WON’S” comin’ to town
Our convention’s about to begin.
So put on “happy faces”; turn your frowns upside down,
And pretend FEARLESS LEADER will win!

We have done all we could to keep hidden the truth–
CORRUPT MEDIA was our whore from the start.
‘Tho its influence is dying; and its concept of “proof”,
Makes the worse of “Three Stooges” look smart.

But, we’ll muddle along; “It’s all part of the show!”
Doesn’t Barry look, “So sweet these days”?
“His ears never looked better, and his golf scores, you know,
Are deserving of the public’s best praise!

Our elites will be here; pray the rabble won’t swoon,
By the “great ones’ impossible glow!
Presidenta Jarrett will command the whole room,
Even Godfather Rahm plans to show!

We will bravely ignore those unflattering facts,
Which our Media Whores carefully shroud–
So many of the “faithful” shall be missing “all acts”—
They will lose if they’re seen in our crowd!

Make the Kool-Aid more potent; share the graft all around!
We can spend like we’re “Kings for a Day”!
So what if we lose; when THE WON’S lost His crown,
We’ve got BILLIONS safe hidden away!

DERIDE; MOCK; LAUGH AT THEM—YOU’RE PAYING FOR THEIR PARTY–even if you didn’t make a contribution!
No rights reserved – copy; send; improvise; share the fun!

Well, I wish the dims had picked another town for their convention. I live in the Charlotte area and I anticipate a traffic madhouse even in the suburbs. I live twenty miles from Charlotte and read in the paper that all hotel and motel rooms have been booked in my town.

I broke my ankle in March and was in the hospital when obama did one of his campaign stops in Charlotte. They closed off some of the interstates and I had to stay in the hospital for an extra day. It was impossible to transport me to a rehab facility so I expect ten times worse this time. Just another reason #5548 to dislike this imposter.