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Branco Cartoon – Priorities USA

Branco Cartoon – Priorities USA

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This ‘toon about sums it all up UNLESS you are part of the MSM.

Priorities… Who needs stinkin’ priorities??? Well there is golf, vacations and that other naggin’ activity called constant campaigning.

Whatta mess I tell ya!

We wish this was all just a cartoon:

Black Al-Qaeda Flag Flies Over U.S. Embassy In Tunisia…

Meanwhile, Capt. Kickass talks “crunches”, Mooch shows off her ‘guns’


Slightly off topic, but related –

How do all these al-Qaeda bomb threats at SEVERAL university campuses RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK make us feel – safer?!? NOT! So the question now expands:

“Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” plus “Are you safer today than you were 4 years ago?”

Both scream a resounding, “NO!!” in answer.

This man is trying at this minute to save face and is politicizing the deaths of these 4 diplomats in Libya by suspending his campaignfinally! – just to make a show of receiving the dead – who died BECAUSE of HIS failures! – back to US soil….

Truly a disgrace, and yes, EVERY American should be ashamed, to the CORE, of this “President” – if they are truly red-blooded Americans.

Where are the pro-Romney messages & cartoons?

That was a brilliant cartoon. Perfect encapulation of the situation. A turtle with its head pulled deep within its campaign shell would have served as another analogy.