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Branco Cartoon – Kids Held Hostage

Branco Cartoon – Kids Held Hostage

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Anne’s posting of data showing the relative cost of living in several large cities to Chicago get me thinking.

How much of that higher cost of living is due directly to the tax burden imposed by public sector unions, and by the teachers alone?

Sort of suggests a vicious cycle, dunnit?

During the last teacher’s strike in Chicago (25 years ago) one of the poster carrying protesters was asked by a TV reporter what he taught and his response, for posterity, was, “I teaches English.” I am still laughing.

In looking at pic’s of those “teachers”, IT’S the KIDS that should be on strike..

If I am not mistaken, the teachers want a 19% raise, have been offered a 16% raise, and they reject that.

    counsel4pay in reply to walls. | September 13, 2012 at 11:58 am

    They demand more than money: Absence of accountability; total job security; limitless pension privileges.


    Chicago Teachers strike this week, parlez-vous,
    Chicago Teachers strike this week, parlez-vous.
    Chicago Teachers strike this week,
    “It’s for the kids”, they yell and shriek,
    Inky Dinkey parlez-vous.

    The Demo-Rats control the schools, parlez-vous.
    The Demo-Rats control the schools, parlez-vous.
    The Demo-Rats control the schools,
    They just throw BILLIONS as Union’s tools*.
    Inky Dinkey parlez-vous.

    The Unions want more cash/less work, parlez-vous.
    The Unions want more cash/less work, parlez-vous.
    The Unions want more cash/less work
    “WE don’t have jobs!” The parents roar!
    Inky Dinkey parlez-vous.

    “The Godfather” has not a clue,
    “The Godfather” has not a clue,
    “The Godfather” just has no clue,
    Inky Dinkey parlez-vous.

    * Tools = urban slang for egotistical opportunists aka douche bags.
    No rights reserved. Of course, in Chicago, that wouldn’t mean anything anyway!

    The Democrat Chicago solutions have proven TOTALLY INEFFECTUAL for decades, and hundreds of billions. IT’S NOT JUST “SCHOOLS”: It’s unwed mothers; it’s a welfare life-style; it’s “trickle down” graft, where monies are spent LAVISHLY on the “friends, co-conspirators, and fellow criminals” of those providing it; it is family failures at catastrophic rates; IT IS A CULTURE OF CORRUPTION.

The kabuki theatre of the CTU strike awaits the coming of the anti-Walker – Obama.

According to the Sun-Times, Rahm has caved. No evaluations, kis will be back to school tomorrow. I haven’t seen that anywhere else, though. Has anyone heard anything to that effect?

The other day I got a worksheet back from my kindergartener with word “lemodad” written either by her teacher or her assistant. We are very smart here in the Bay Area.
I agree with “shortr wrk dey” demand, though, at least when it comes to 5-year-olds. They need to play more.

Did you ask what “lemodad” means? I must be dense because I can’ figure it out.

BTW, I read somewhere that 80% of 8th graders in Chicago can’t read. These teachers don’t want to be evaluated for a reason. Disgraceful.

I saw the other day where Rush Limbaugh said this was a set up and obama would insert himself into this farce for political kudos. And like Palin saying obama should keep biden as vp, this statement stopped him cold. He cannot be seen taking advice from either Palin or Rush Limbaugh.

Well, being as these “children” are not busy with school right now, maybe we could use some of them for embassy security.

At least you would know for sure they were armed and had live ammo.

It’s amusing to see the Che Guevara t-shirts on the teachers. I’d be willing to bet serious money that not a single one of those teachers could pass a true/false test about the basics of Che’s life or philosophy.

Do you think they know their Marxist hero had no tolerance for slackers, and didn’t hesitate to slash the pay of Cuban workers who failed to meet their production quotas?

The ignorance of these so-called teachers would be funny, if the consequences for the kids in their classrooms were not so devastating.

Professor, you are something. The clientist, progressive, conventional wisdom at Cornell University must hate your guts.