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Branco Cartoon – Bad Forecast

Branco Cartoon – Bad Forecast

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Branco’s Facebook page is Cartoonist A.F.Branco


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I love a charade…

And there has NEVER…in American history…been a more patent charade than this!

Great caption.

This is why the Dems put God and Jerusalem back in the platform.

I love the imagery. Especially the vacant look of Obama who appears clueless to what is happening around him. That has been rather the norm these past three and a half years from what I’ve observed.

They said they were afraid of rain & lightning, and moved the Clown speech indoors for the safety of the Obamabots. Not really.

The real reason: they don’t make waterproof teleprompters!

EXCELLENT cartoon! Branco’s work is definitely ready for prime time! The caption “Raining on the Charade” is very clever and effective! I’m a fan.

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