Remember “Freedom Fries”?  Over the last decade, the French were ridiculed by millions of Americans—including me—who didn’t have to wonder how Henry V prevailed at Agincourt with a much smaller force or why trees line the Champs Elysees (so the Germans can march in shade).

But today, you gotta hand it to France:

A French magazine ridiculed the Prophet Mohammad on Wednesday by portraying him naked in cartoons, threatening to fuel the anger of Muslims around the world who are already incensed by a film depiction of him as a womanizing buffoon.

The French government, which had urged the magazine not to print the images, said it was temporarily shutting down premises including embassies and schools in 20 countries on Friday, when protests sometimes break out after Muslim prayers.

Got that?  French president Francois Hollande, though a Socialist, didn’t send the police to frog march the magazine’s editor at midnight. Instead, his government will be protecting its citizens abroad—and probably even in France itself—from Muslim rioters who believe that the world better stop hurting their feelings.  Or else.

It’s a sad day when the leader of France shows more testicules than the president of the United States.  The French, it appears, have had enough of being held hostage to a cult of violence.  Here’s hoping Americans have too.

By the way, in what other religion are the faithful more likely to riot after attending services?