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9/11 + 11

9/11 + 11

For my thoughts, see my post last year, 9/11/01 and Memory

This audio still is what I remember the most.

We can add Melissa Harrington Hughes to our memory, along with Johnny “Mike” Spann, Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto, U.S. Army, Spc. Dennis Weichel and Lt. Roslyn Schulte.


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Thats how I choose to recall the event as well. It humanizes things in a most powerful way.
I say set aside the political “axe to grind” we see from the NYTimes today and move on remembering the attack was about people like all of us.

And Rick Rescorla.

The Vietnam war hero who led most of his company’s 2700 employees to safety and perished when he want back to help others.

An indelible memory that may fade a bit with time, but will never be erased. May they rest in peace.

And how striking is it that today is Tuesday 9/11 and here in Michigan the same beautiful Sept. day with clear blue skies. My thoughts and prayers are with all who suffered on that day. God Bless the USA.

    9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to Granny55. | September 11, 2012 at 11:14 am

    For many years the weather has been exactly the same, bright clear skies, sun at a lower angle. It is better when it rains, when the skies themselves weep.

    This morning we are in the landing pattern for O’Hare…every two minutes a jet passes over.

    Thank you, Professor, for the link to last year’s post with the video/audio of the P.A.S.S. devices at Ground Zero. It sounds like the crickets outside my window. Crickets and airplanes.

[The 9/11 Memorial—An American Travesty]

There is a blot of shame upon our land,
That has only grown with time.
As a nation we have failed our own–
“What is this awful crime?”
The Memorial that we owe our fallen dead!

Enemies of freedom struck symbols of our strength.
The most evil raid ever made against our homes.
The wicked cheered the savagery portrayed,
While Patriots’ courage in large part remained unknown.
Only at the Judgment Bar will they receive their glorious due.

Oh, so briefly, did some survivors rally to the trump—
Some leaders heard the call to help us heal.
But so quickly did the traitors hidden in our midst,
Begin their lies, our nation’s faith to steal.
Their Judgment also waits with damning fury.

How quickly have the wasted years sped by!
Who can in honor claim we have been just,
To those who bled, and burned, and died?
Who dares say we have kept our public trust,
By showing that sacrifices made were not in vain!
To ponder our ingratitude is to weep in shame!

To further delay forgotten vows of recognition,
Joins us to infidels who took our citizens’ lives!
No excuse justifies our failure in this holy mission.
For by delaying honor, WE HAVE DENIED IT.

Seeing our infamy, the enemies of freedom rally!
So close to hallowed ground, they build
A monument to their treachery and murder!
And thus, again, forces of evil show their skill.
In Heaven, the fallen must avert their gaze at our collusion.

This is a day for weeping and prayer. By our actions, WE ARE COMPLICIT IN THIS CRIME

And… Even the MSM media saw fit to observe a moment of silence this morning except for NBC which opted to do something Kadashian…

It’s no wonder that they occupy the cellar of broadcasting!

That audio always chills me to the bone. I’ll never get over 9/11.

Obama never misses a chance to rub it in our faces. Today he posted this on the WH website.

I had a class that morning and I’ll never forget the first words out of the professor’s mouth:

“Well, Bush got his war.”

ConserveLiberty | September 11, 2012 at 2:53 pm

The utter abomination of 9/11, the unmitigated villainy, is that these weren’t service men and women wearing uniforms as in Pearl Harnor. They were ordinary mothers and fathers, people just doing their ordinary jobs without any thought or fair understanding that they were in Harms’ Way.

Sure, I have my stories of acquaintances lost. I work for a global company and I speak to someone in New York city every day, and I did that morning – and then franticaly tried to until I just went home and held my wife and stared at the television in silent shock – but they somehow matter less than the secretaries and janitors and waiters and junior analysts …..

I cannot yet forgive.

Clips like this remind me of the horror imposed on ordinary, everyday Amercians.

Never forget. Never.