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From reader Desert Viking:

Saw this today in the parking lot at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ.

As I was taking the picture the owner was getting into car.

They said that people take pictures and comment on it all the time. While it’s parked at school they get messages left saying “You know Obama is gonna win the next election… right?!?!”


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What is the point of sending people to school if they can’t process information without using someone else’s corrupt filter? Amazing that when the car is parked by school, presumably the college, the driver gets those crazy comments. Is the employment rate in AZ so good that young people want Obama?

legacyrepublican | August 14, 2012 at 8:52 am

My late brother used to teach at Mesa Community College. He commented to me that there were a surprising amount of conservatives there because most of them were already in the work force but needed a degree to move on in their job or further their carrer.

I would lay odds that those who support Obama at this institution have never had a job and think FICA is some sort of shinny mineral deposit you find on rock.


My thoughts exactly. Just cannot wait for Eviction Day in November…

My precinct had only 55-voters by 2Pm, the one where my wife worked had only 31 at that same time. However, we’ll all kind of expecting a large turnout for the general election this Nov. 6th. However, hoping also that no one brings pitchforks or torches to the polls, that the MOBs are gentle yet determined. 😉