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Words, just words

Words, just words

From reader Joseph:

Tolerance and respect are only workable if Jews consider themselves the equivalent of fish meal.

Taken in Teaneck, NJ, a town with a large Orthodox Jewish population.


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Recently had to unfriend a proggie on FB and as a parting shot she emailed me a pic of Jefferson with a quote about respect for the opinions of others. (Liberals are great at quoting Bible verses and important quotes tho I doubt they know what the meaning is). I can say with honesty that I used to be extremely tolerant and respectful of other views but began to notice about five years ago how that didn’t go both ways. The recent CFA controversy cemented that knowledge. I have even less use for those who plaster their cars with these insipid stickers because again, they are not only illogical but demonstrate the driver has no real conception of what those symbols mean in relation to each other. It’s like some people who purchase various cars just to prove they are morally superior than the SUV driver, even if the vehicles get very similar mileage in reality.

    Respect and tolerant does not mean you have to suffer abuse from those slinging mud and arrows at you.

    It simply means “live and let live.”

    I’m certain we disagree on many issues that touch upon religious principles but at the end of the day if there is common ground namely that you are not attempting to kill, injure or enslave me then we have a place we can start from.

    We can meet at the local coffee shop or supermarket, smile and say hello and we’re half-way there. The other half is that after the smile, after we walk away we don’t mutter to ourselves f***ing christian or jew or atheist or whatever.

    If we do that then … we have tolerance and respect. (In my book anyway)

Juba Doobai! | August 8, 2012 at 7:27 am

TOLERANCE. COMPASSION. RESPECT. In each of these odes to Communist narcissistic self-delusion is the Islamic star and crescent. What, pray do tell, does the Islamic star and crescent have to do with these three words that best symbolize Judai-Christianity? Me? I am Christian. I respect only Judaism and Christianity as religions and tolerate all the rest–until they try to kill me, of course. The dead can’t turn the other cheek. As for the other false ideologies, including the Communism that promotes this sort of tripe, let God sort them out.

They think they put it on their stupid bumper it demonstrates: 1 That they practice it. 2 It makes it true. . . 1a They dont practice it ,its a lie. 2 See 1a.

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NC Mountain Girl | August 8, 2012 at 9:47 am

Watch how much respect your opinion gets if you dare to question the conventional liberal wisdom.

I am a Catholic who has spent a significant amount of time in a synagogue, and I have discovered that Jesus Christ won all his arguments with the Pharisees. Of course, if you read his words and compare them to the Torah and his commentary, you will find that he had a classical rabbinic education for the time. I find it cheering that contemporary Jews have embraced the substance of Jesus’ teachings heart and soul.

Their love of twisty arguments and their history of government by a religious elite appointed by God tends to lead them into invalid assumptions, not about their duty to their neighbors, but about how to fulfil their duty to their neighbors.

Jews are not fish food, and “progressive” Jews can be educated on the subject of economics, provided you recognize that the subject of the conversation must shift from “what is our duty” to “how do we fulfill our duty in an effective manner.”

theduchessofkitty | August 8, 2012 at 10:00 am

They keep saying those words. I don’t think they mean what they think they mean…

i used to think such bumper stickers were wishes or suggestions.

in talking to the owners, the bumper stickers are more like commands.