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Woman in anti-Romney SuperPAC Death Ad actually had insurance

Woman in anti-Romney SuperPAC Death Ad actually had insurance

The lying liars and the lies they tell.

A SuperPAC run by former Obama spokesman Bill Burton accused Mitt Romney of killing a woman because she lost insurance when her husband’s job was terminated.

CNN has blown this ad apart, finding that the woman continued to have health insurance through her own employer after her husband was terminated.

Update: Via SoccerDad –


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Who’s surprised?

    Cassandra Lite in reply to Jay Jones. | August 7, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    Surprised? The (female) reporter was surprised. Wolf Blitzer threw to her with a comment about how it seems “outrageous to blame Romney” for the death—and she said, “It does WHEN YOU DIG DEEPER.” Really, only when you dig deeper?

    Yes, it’s lovely and all that she got her facts straight, but this reporter apparently would have believed that, had the dead woman not had insurance, Romney would have been responsible for her death. This is insanity. Regardless of whether the deceased did or didn’t have insurance, Romney didn’t give her the cancer.

    malclave in reply to Jay Jones. | August 7, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    Well, I must say that I am… VERY surprised.

    CNN actually fact-checked an Obama claim? They must be more desperate than ever to try to convince people that they’re ethical.

      Jay Jones in reply to malclave. | August 8, 2012 at 8:16 am

      Ahh, I was referring to surprise at the depths the PAC was willing to go.

      But for CNN. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    Chris Matthews also tried to push the “Romney killed this woman” meme on his Hardball show and the commentators couldn’t swallow it. They actually called him out on it right to his face that the death occurred SIX YEARS after the factory was closed and the woman HAD health insurance THROUGH HER OWN JOB.

    The Conservative Media is actually starting to force even MSLSD to reign in their brazen lies lest they further be marginalized as simply willing to tell any lie, create any falsehood to support Obama regardless of FACTS.

Is there no lie too brazen for these bastards? If there is we’ve yet to find it.

So let me get this straight … people with health insurance never die of cancer ? who knew ?

This idea that once you have health insurance you never have to actually, you know, pay attention to your health is simply silly …

had this woman gone for some low cost screenings once in a while maybe just maybe she’d be alive today …

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to dorsaighost. | August 7, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    That is an ignorant & cruel thing to write.

    Nobody has the right to say that.

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to BannedbytheGuardian. | August 8, 2012 at 5:02 am

      Maybe just maybe screens don’t catch every thing. The most advanced eg PET scans will not necessarily show up tumors on brains so why would a manual (useless ) or mammogram (pretty basic technology ) always show up in a breast?

      I often hear women say -Oh but I had a mammogram 6 months ago.- A lot of cell division can happen in 6 months or one month . If the tumor is on the chest wall it is very difficult to spot.

      The very worst thing for people undergoing tratment is to keep thinking -“what if ….”.or be told you shoulda done this or that.

      Get on with the job. Do not look back.

      I’ll not only say it, I’ll SECOND it.

      Once you start to feel I’ll GO SEE YOUR DAMNED DOCTOR. If you have to pay for it out-of-pocket, do it ANYWAY.

      There are almost ALWAYS long-term symptoms (2-3 WEEKS or longer) of something when you start to develop a life-threatening illness. In almost EVERY case the Main Stream Morons are trying to push on us in support of ObamaCare, the individual effected KNEW something was wrong and they freely admit it, but is claiming that “they didn’t want to go to the doctor because it was “too expensive.”

      Waaahh. You’re health is WORTH SOMETHING. If the individuals in question decided to spend their money on something else THAT WAS THEIR CHOICE.

      And before ANY of you get any ideas that I’m just a cold, heartless bastard who’s never been seriously ill, let me tell you something: I AM A CANCER SURVIVOR (Hodgkin’s Disease). I have NO TOLERANCE AT ALL for people who KNOW that they are sick and yet don’t do anything about it, then seek to blame others for the fact that they made a ECONOMIC CHOICE not to see their doctor.

        BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Chuck Skinner. | August 8, 2012 at 8:03 pm

        I know quite a bit about Hodgkins . yes there are stronger signs for that disease than breast cancer.

        Hodgkins has been diagnosable for over 150 years because the symptons are identifiable. a tumor can show up in a routine chest x ray.

        Breast cancer creates no such signs unless it has got to stage 3 or 4 .

        One’s personal experience of cancer does not over ride others. It can give a perspective at best which we should use sparingly & wisely.

          You missed my larger point, which is that people who KNOW that they are sick need to DO something active in the management of their own health, not merely whine later about the fact that they went merrily about their lives and did nothing about it, and how unfair it is.

          This woman apparently KNEW something was wrong. For whatever reason, she CHOSE not to see the doctor.

          Breast cancer creates no such signs unless it has got to stage 3 or 4 .

          Bull. I’ll grant you it creates some different signs to lymphoma, but to say it has NO signs or symptoms until it gets to stage 3 or 4 ignores reality. Even VERY early stage breast cancer almost always has some symptom of general illness.

          There are some common signs and symptoms that dictate that you go to see your doctor. These are not necessarily cancer specific, they are ILLNESS symptoms IN GENERAL.

          Signs like unexplained regular fever means the body is continuously fighting SOMETHING. Ditto on fatigue that doesn’t go away after a couple of days. Swollen lymph nodes, not necessarily because there is illness in them, but because the immune system is being more active than normal for some reason. Unexplained weight loss (or even sometimes weight gain), night-sweats, insomnia more than two weeks and/or unexplained joint or muscle pain all are symptoms that SOMETHING is wrong that a medically trained professional needs to start digging to figure out what.

          VERY RARELY do individuals go to the doctor and find out that they have an advanced, life threatening disease with no prior symptoms. Largely people IGNORE symptoms either because they don’t want to deal with possibility being sick (fear) or they don’t want to deal with the economics of being sick, so they ignore it.

          Either way, the individuals who KNOW they are sick are making a CHOICE. In the particular instance of this post, the wife of the man in the Obama campaign ad made a CHOICE based on economics. The PRICE for that CHOICE was her life. Now, her husband is being used like a STOOGE, and should be OPENLY MOCKED for the fact that he’s blaming his loss of job and loss of insurance for the fact that his wife died SIX YEARS LATER, when she had access to her OWN insurance for 2 years after the plant closed.

          That is the sure sign of someone who has had a break with reality and can’t comprehend his wife’s contributory negligence in her own death.

Who’s surprised? I am!!… that CNN would actually acknowledge the ones CNN has been bowing down to are less than honest.

DocWahala – seeing CNN participate in exposing a lie is too much for my nerves…I’m taking the day off.

    gasper in reply to DocWahala. | August 7, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    Maybe their ratings will go up a tad and they will connect the reason: truth = more viewers. Truth – what a concept for MSM!

Imagine Tony Snow , Ari Fleischer or Dana Perino putting out an ad like that for a PAC. Burton, Gibss and Carney are graduates of the Baghdad Bob School of Journalism. It is no shock Burton carries that fine tradition into the sleazy attack ad genre.

[…] Legal Insurrection: The lying liars and the lies they tell. […]

Wait! If health insurance keeps me from dying, then why do I have live insurance? Is this another one of those scams by “big insurance” and “big pharma?”

And do I REALLY need auto insurance…

Just when you think Obama couldn’t possibly sink and lower he goes and proves you wrong.

Conservative Beaner | August 7, 2012 at 9:42 pm

One of the conservative SuperPacs should pick this up with added commentary to expose this sham.

Raquel Pinkbullet | August 7, 2012 at 9:43 pm

What a POS this guy is using his deceased wife as a politcal tool. Again this is your typical democrat. No decency, no morals, no integrity.

Yeah I agree…the guy is a POS. This is a low point in American politics and it comes from the creator of Hope and Change..Barry Soetoro

Raquel Pinkbullet | August 7, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Seriously how much of a piece of garbage do you have to be to tarnish the memory of your wife in such a disgusting and classless way?

Mr. Soptic deserves to get his ass handed to him for this.

Rush said this morning that under Obamacare she’d be fined for not having insurance, too.

[…] that the woman, whose death Mitt Romney caused by taking away her health insurance, was actually insured. Share this:ShareDiggEmailPrintShare on Tumblr Pin ItLike this:Like4 bloggers like this. Comments […]

Raquel Pinkbullet | August 7, 2012 at 9:56 pm

Also Romney or one of his pacs need to cut an ad featuring the Terry family informing people that Obama killed an American LEO and 500 Mexicans.

Fight fire with fire.

[…] **BREAKING UPDATE:  The woman who died HAD insurance.  The truth was uncovered by CNN, and I got the story from our friends at Legal Insurrection. […]

Raquel Pinkbullet | August 7, 2012 at 9:59 pm

And I don’t even believe this guy’s wife is really dead, she probably left him and is hiding because he is such a complete piece of garbage.

Lets see…..both dogs and wolves are canines.

Obama ate a dog and now a Wolf has attacked Obama.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

First; the clown who became a tool for Captain Zero’s campaign is a classless political whore who has not only denigrated his wife’s memory but his own manhood. Just my opinion.

More importantly it serves to demonstrate that Obama is nothing but a shameless, despicable human being who will not hesitate to pit Americans against one another using any available means or ploy.

I may actually have to reevaluate my opinion of CNN.

    Raquel Pinkbullet in reply to Anjin. | August 7, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Like a rat deserting a sinking ship, CNN might be the first Obama news network to break from the pack and finally report the truth. Perhaps they smell defeat in November for their false god.

    The rest of the lib media will ignore this story, like they did F&F, Solyndra, Black Panthers, etc

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Raquel Pinkbullet. | August 8, 2012 at 9:49 am

      “Perhaps they smell defeat in November for their false god.”

      I have posted before my hunch (hope) that when/if it looks like Obama is irretrievably going down the tubes, the MSM will turn on him hard in order to begin regaining the credibility and integrity they forfeited in support of him all these years.

        And we must NEVER let them have any SHRED of “credibility” back, lest we become complacent in believing their social engineering lies again, until we are convinced that they have returned to the noble tradition of “newsmen/newswomen” and have abandoned the idea that they are to influence policy.

You guys think these ads are bad? You ain’t seen NOTHING yet.
Lying, stealing votes, fraud, deception, bribes have now become the permanent MO of the Democrat party.

I know the Republicans suck too, but I’ve honestly never seen such blatant lies come from the Dems and their pravda cohorts called “the media” any time before in my lifetime.

Prepare for being told that you are racist, mormons are cultists(tell that to Harry Reid) and Romney will eat your children.

If we don’t fight back, this is the end of our Republic.

Any candidate with character, seeing an ad like this against their opponent, would go ballistic and demand it be pulled, with an apology. A candidate with character would. But, Obama is not that person. Not once, since Joe the Plumber, has he told his followers to lay off personal and mean-spirited attacks. Not once. He encourages them. The people making these ads take their cue from him.

    DINORightMarie in reply to gasper. | August 7, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    …..except when he was all about “new tone” because of the the “harsh rhetoric” that was affecting the “mood” of the country, all because of the so-called “hysterical-TEA Party-raaaaacist-fascist-homophob-terrorist-Hating-HATERS” (like Sarah Palin – NOT!) after Gabby Giffords was shot. (BTW-I am a proud and active TEA Party “member”!)

    New tone, indeed.

    (NOTE to those who may not have been paying attention at the time: that slanderous laundry list is NOT a true description of the vast majority of TEA Party patriots and Constitutional Conservatives – yet it IS what was said/implied at the time; google it.)

[…] I care. But let’s also get some facts about Mrs. Soptic before she passed away. According to Legal Insurrection, Mrs. Soptic had insurance through her employer after Joe Soptic lost his job. CNN actually did […]

Romney’s team needs to run this ad themselves and insert commentary. This needs to be jammed down Obama’s throat and serve as an object lesson in the total moral collapse of Hope and Change. I’d make the commentary totally factual and run the ad relentlessly. Be merciless. Take their own weapon and use it against them. Has it ever been done? It would blow their minds.

Imagine if this lunatic wins re-election. Just imagine.

Egads my head is spinning from deluge of information I just stumbled on. My search for “Joe Soptic Union” eventually led me to the libradex!

“Contract talks foundered and the union went on strike in April 1997. The first standoff since 1959 quickly turned nasty. Workers shot bottle rockets at security guards, tossed nails in the roadways to flatten the tires of nonunion trucks and pounded on the windows of vehicles as they left the plant. After 10 weeks, the two sides reached a deal that boosted pensions and ensured that workers would get health and life insurance in the event of a shutdown.”

[…] UPDATE 2: Fox News CNN, that arm of the vast right-wing conspiracy, did some journalism: CNN has blown this ad apart, finding that the woman continued to have health insurance through her o… […]

They have reporters at CNN? Who actually investigate things?

Maybe their worst week in 20 years is having a salutary effect on their collective brain fog & knee-jerk biases.

Then again, could be a fluke, or wild-ass mistake that will get some Jimmy Olsen a pink slip.

    Daiwa in reply to Daiwa. | August 8, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    I had the opportunity to watch the YouTube video today of the full Burton interview on CNN (I no longer have cable – by choice). I was shocked, frankly, at the new-found willingness of CNN to call ‘bullshit’ on something Obama.

    Burton’s spin was that Blitzer, et al, were too stupid to understand the ‘real message’ of the ad and that the ordinary voter will get it, that they weren’t trying to imply culpability on Romney’s part, just conveying a story of the ‘long-term impact on people’s lives’ of Romney’s business decisions since he’s running on his strength as a businessman. I guess Burton believes that ‘impact’ includes things that happened years later that had absolutely nothing to do with those decisions, otherwise why mention them, and only includes negative impact. The Kevin Bacon defense is simply ludicrous.

    Frankly, the bigger news is Stephanie Cutter’s flat-out lie that she knew nothing of Soptic’s story – the tape of the May conference call in which Soptic laid out the whole story is a slam-dunk repudiation. And Burton would have us believe there was no ‘co-ordination’ with the Obama campaign, that his SuperPAC somehow independently found out about Soptic & had no idea that he was actively campaigning & making appearances for Obama. And he wants us to believe the fact that the story put out by the campaign and the story they went with in the ad were exactly the same was pure coincidence.

    Burton was completely unapologetic and went full Harry Reid, saying in effect: “I’m damn proud of that lie and you just wait, we’re gonna put out even better lies as the campaign progresses.”

    I give CNN multi-kudos for finally acting like a news organization again. They keep this up, they just might thrive. Who knows, I might even get cable again.

Keep calling them out on the lies, Professor.
Keep posting.
Keep telling the truth.

Truth will prevail, even through the media lies.

I believe it, and will keep fighting the fight.
We all MUST keep up the fight.
Linked ya!

Joe Soptic speaks as though losing his steel mill job was unexpected, but he was looking for a new job before he was laid off.

“After reporting Friday and finding nothing to do, many employees found their way to the union hall at 6801 Winner Road.

“Hey, did you get that job?” someone asked Joe Soptic.

“No, I got to the third interview,” said Soptic, who is looking for work for the first time in nearly 30 years.

He struck out on a supervisory job at an electronic goods store. Next, he plans to interview for a position as a service rep for a telephone company.”

Read more here:

The Kansas City Star, April 7, 2001 What hurts the most? The silence By Barbara Shelly

    Daiwa in reply to Indigo Red. | August 9, 2012 at 12:01 am

    It appears that the guy who oversaw Bain’s handling of the GST liquidation was Obama cash bundler, Jonathan Lavine, who remains at Bain as a Managing Director. This SuperPAC should be a bit more careful.

    What Bain’s critics have accused them of doing is precisely what Obama did in the GM & Chrysler bankruptcies – arbitrarily favor certain stakeholders over others. Whether Bain actually did that, I don’t know, but GST Steel could not be representative of Bain’s record or they wouldn’t still be in business and thriving.

I heard Mitt Romney used to stick-up gas stations, and his wife was behind the wheel of the getaway car. Or was that liquor stores?

That seems mighty incompetent of them. Surely this chain of events actually happened at some point. How did they manage to get a man who not only was not laid off while Romney was at Bain but who’s wife had health insurance for some time in the middle.

    I wondered the same thing when I read the article. I mean, if CNN can this easily debunk the claims, how hard could it be?

    And I don’t even see how the message, debunked or not, is even worthwhile. Even among my hardcore lefty friends and family I’ll never hear someone say “Hey, did you hear how Romeny killed that woman?” They’re more likely to hear that from me as I skewer them with their own words.

    My guess is the ad was for their mindless base, the “Obama said it, I believe it, that settles it” crowd. This ad wasn’t about informing undecideds (an impossible task imo) or converting fence-sitters. It was about riling people up enough to get them to vote. Democrats are scared to death that a big portion of their 2008 support is just going to stay home in November.

This is not even close to the bottom for Obama and his slaves. Wait till he loses in November and declares that the votes against him are “racist” and do not count. He becomes Putin-like and declares himself Emperor for life. He will think that he can use the Military to enforce this insane notion, but they will not fire on American Citizens.

Henry Hawkins | August 8, 2012 at 9:58 am

Be prepared for much, much more of this crap, people. At the very least, it provided Obama a few more days’ diversion from the economy and jobs. Remember the economy and jobs? The issues foremost on the minds of American voters?

In fact, we ought to start a game thread where we try to predict the subject or claim of the next totally false Obama ad, claim, or attack.

I’ll go with: Mitt Romney – Draft Dodger!

    katiejane in reply to Henry Hawkins. | August 8, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    I agree – we’re going to see lots more of this level of ads. The liberal super pac will take the heat and Obama will keep pretending it is nothing he can control. Of course the Dems whine about how Romney should “do something about” every person/group who says anything negative about BO.

    What’s really sad though is that even after this type of drivel gets debunked there is a subset of voters who will swear it’s true. It sits in their minds that “no one would say those horrible things about him if there wasn’t some truth in it.” How many people keep pushing the snark that Palon said she could see Russia from her house? Facts don’t bother the low interest voter -they make up their minds and facts won’t change them.

[…] Progressives had a fling with fascism, of course.  See an excellent post on this subject at The Camp of the Saints.  I’m not saying that Page liked contemporary progressives and their race policies, but […]

LibraryGryffon | August 8, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Perhaps the Romney campaign could do a comparable ad; I’m sure they can find one of the Delphi retirees who lost their insurance thanks to the Ø admin’s malfeasance in protecting the UAW members over everyone else in the GM bankruptcy.

That would only be “fair”, right? And “fair” is Ø’s favorite word….

[…] much worse as the facts do not come close to the shameful political ad. We learned yesterday that Joe Soptic’s wife had her own insurance through her job. Let alone his wife passed away five years after the plant […]

[…] spoke to Joe Soptic, and found out that when he lost his GST job, his wife was still working and carried her own health insurance, which she then lost in 2002 or 2003 when an injury forced her to leave the job. She passed away in […]

[…] spoke to Joe Soptic, and found out that when he lost his GST job, his wife was still working and carried her own health insurance, which she then lost in 2002 or 2003 when an injury forced her to leave the job. She passed away in […]

[…] Ilyona had her own health insurance through 2003, when she lost her job at a different company. […]