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Well, that was quick

Well, that was quick

College Insurrection already is suspected of being the recipient of secret funding.

If only it were true.

Story over at CI, SUNY Prof wonders who funds College Insurrection.


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“Associate Professor of Political Science at the State University of New York at New Paltz”

There’s a whole comedy routine in just that sentence.

And, remember peeps, WE are the keepers of the Revolution. The Collectivists are the reactionaries. So, “Insurrection” is perfectly apropos.

    CatoRenasci in reply to Ragspierre. | August 27, 2012 at 7:46 am

    “There’s a whole comedy routine in just that sentence.”

    Yes, but the joke is on us: the little bastard is tenured and feeding at the public trough.

Henry Hawkins | August 26, 2012 at 9:35 am

Gauntlet. Thrown.

Imagine the horror of liberal academians who now must actually support their arguments and theses.

You see … conservatives are obsessed with money as speech, but progressives are obsessed with speech as money.

To be expected. What the new site does is wander off the reservation that demands all liberal positions 24/7.
In effect its about the same treatment Niall Ferguson got about his piece at Newsweek.
Unable to effectively argue and discuss his assertions, the left launched its campaign of McCarthiasm-like smears to discredit and devalue.

Koch Brothers!

Miller has it backwards, of course. But he’d be the last know. We’re the new insurrectionists and subversives; they’re the reactionaries, defending a moribund status quo. Make that point to academic leftists and they go nuts — hits them at their shallowest (deepest?) adolescent core of vanity. They need to see themselevs as the perpetual revolutionaries.

OK, I confess – I sent in 2 box-tops, 2 box-bottoms and 3 proofs-of-purchase to College Insurrection for a free bottle of Cherry Coke. 🙂


there are 3 things that the Left attacks:
a) the author: you’ve lived so well, that they couldn’t find anything to use.
b) the material: they didn’t go there either, which is an implicit admission that everything you say there is correct.
c) that your honorable lifestyle and accurate statements are somehow secretly funded.

I think that you have been given a huge Seal of Approval – after all, if the best this guy can do is wonder about secret funding, then he’s mentally admitted you’re right.

Oooo, “secret funding.”

What are you going to spend all that secret funding (that you keep in a secret bank account) on, Professor?

As soon as you find its secret hiding place, of course. ;-p

LOL X 1,000,000! As I suspected, the accuser doesn’t teach economics or any hard science in which actual data is required.


Wait…what’s that I hear? It’s the Thought Police, coming for anyone who disagrees with the Big Leftist college view.

CI seems to be hitting nerves big time, especially with the tenure piece: blog trolls have given it over 200 “thumbs downs.”

You’re doin’ it right! (Pun intended.)

This guy wins the Pot, Kettle, Black award for obliviousness as he pontificates from his government funded sinecure at the STATE University(read indoctrination center) of New York at Podunk.

He is both hypocritical and cynical shill as a being a leftist he promotes government power while taking government money at the expense of his real patrons the taxpayer.

Come on you guys! Ease up!

It can’t be easy being a poly*sigh* professor these days …

… after a long, fruitless day leading an occupy field studies seminar … stopping at the cafe for some desperately needed java and cheering up … only to find your beloved Coffee Party chapter is now defunct … and as patrons gag and point at you, you slowly realize, as you slide it off, that horrible smell that’s been following you around … one of your buddies pooped on your Guy Fawkes mask …

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